Now-a-days, bloating is one of those irritating yet frequent problems that people are facing most often. But, it’s great that this problem can be cured completely most often if the inherent causes can be determined. It’s truly uncomfortable to face such problem frequently. Most significantly, sometimes it affects the confidence level of many women and they can feel extremely bad about their bodies.

There are a few common reasons behind bloating and those are:

  • Intestinal yeast overgrowth
  • Gluten sensitivity or celiac disease
  • Food intolerances
  • Insulin resistance
  • Irregular meal-times
  • Poor food combination
  • Lack of digestive enzymes (including intolerance of lactose)
  • Other sources of dysbiosis – parasites or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth

Gluten sensitivity, insulin or celiac resistance, food intolerance can create some of these conditions; but except this, the patient can be treated based on his symptoms or history of the problem.

1. Intestinal yeast overgrowth:

Intestinal yeast overgrowth is a widely common health issue which can be caused due to the frequent and long-term use of the antibiotics. And this can happen when the kids take many rounds of antibiotics for tonsil or ear infections treatments. Or when people take antibiotics for a long-term basis to treat their acne, like- minocin or tetracycline. And also the frequent use of antibiotics for treating urinary tract infections can be caused Intestinal yeast overgrowth. As antibiotics aid the process of alternation of your digestive flora which allows an opportunistic organism known as yeast to take over.

You will normally feel bloated and gassy when there will be a too much accumulation of yeast in your body. Because, the yeast uses to ferment foods, which creates the gassiness. Some other side-effects of this can be- extreme hunger for carb or sugar, fungal skin infections, brain fog, extreme tiredness, binge eating tendency or vaginal yeast infections.

But, the great thing is, this problem can be treated completely by rebalancing the intestinal flora. You may have to go through a yeast cleanse procedure, such as, completely ignoring sugar, using supplements to remove yeast and replenishing the intestinal flora with probiotics.

2. Gluten sensitivity or celiac disease

Gluten sensitivity and celiac disease, is simply a more severe form of mere gluten-intolerance and this problem is truly prominent in this case. This issue is caused by the high consumption of grain products, including wheat which has been gone through tremendous change over the last five decades. So, this gluten sensitivity can be a significant cause of bloating, accompanied by diarrhoea, gassiness or constipation.

In most cases, the patients are recommended for gluten intolerance and celiac test which are widely available. Many people can feel better off gluten, even though their test results are negative. People who try to avoid vegetarian diet can have a deficiency of vitamin B12, which may also trigger the person to gluten intolerance.

At some point, if you feel that gluten can cause some problems for you, the first recommendation for you will be having a blood test to confirm the issue. And then you may go for a 5-week strict gluten-free trial. After a 5-week strict restriction of gluten, you will have to go back to your normal diet to check the reaction. You will find a great many perfect alternatives to gluten, such as, quinoa, squash, rice, millet, sweet potato and so on.

3. Food intolerance

Food intolerance refers to the delayed reaction to a food and so, it’s quite different from food allergy, which refers to the instant reactions to a food, such as, anaphylaxis, swelling or itching. Food intolerance creates obvious inflammation and stress and it can also cause bloating by irritating the intestinal tract. Most people suffer from food intolerance due to taking foods like- a few specific fruits (e.g. pineapple, citrus, banana and so more), dairy food products, eggs, wheat, corn, gluten, some sorts of nuts (especially peanuts and almonds) and so on.

Now, it’s quite simple to identify food intolerance accurately with the help of the blood test where the symptoms can be taken from the sample of digested foods traces. It’s possible to suspect food intolerance problem from the patient’s history of asthma, eczema or allergies. A family background of autoimmune disease can also help to detect the problem early. Yet, food intolerance can be related to several skin diseases, digestive problems and low energy levels. But, you can be sure that the problem of bloating will be solved within four to six weeks of rejecting any aggravating foods.

4. Insulin resistance

Probably, most of us are well-known about insulin. Yet, just to clarify, insulin refers to the hormone which is released from the pancreas as a response to the existence of sugar (glucose) in the blood. The level of insulin increases after taking a meal. In the body of a healthy and non-insulin resistant person, when the insulin is released from the pancreas, it uses to trigger the cells of the body to utilize the fats and glucose from the bloodstream. The problem of insulin resistance generates when the cells respond very weakly or don’t respond at all to the signal of insulin. Eventually more insulin gets emitted and depleted from the body, resulting increment of the toxic levels of glucose in the blood and this condition is called high blood sugar.

The people with insulin resistance can experience some symptoms, like- extreme appetite for sweets and carbohydrates, rapid weight gain in a period of two to three years, feeling highly exhausted, intense hunger and feeling bloated after taking foods.

If you observe that you are having these above stated symptoms and also you have a family background of diabetes, probably, you may have this problem of insulin resistance. So, what you need to do is- going through a blood test which can accurately detect whether or not you have the issue of insulin resistance. This problem can be treated completely and also it is reversible with the aid of exercise and diet changes. And if you want to stay away from insulin resistance you have lower the consumption of sugar and also the carbohydrate foods and you should focus more on the consumption of proteins, healthy fats, vegetables and fiber and also should do some exercise regularly.

5. Irregular meal-times

Irregular meal-time is another significant reason of bloating. It’s really harmful for your digestion system and metabolism not to take foods for long hours or simply eating excessive at the bedtime. Suppose, you skipped your breakfast and then ate a lot at the launch. What is gonna happen? Simply, the normal order of your digestive system will be broken and most of the time, it may cause bloating and may also cause a huge rise of insulin in the blood or even a big rise in blood sugar. Consequently, you will feel bloated and exhausted and will search for caffeine to stay active at the end of the day.

Consistent and regular meal times can aid you a lot to keep your body fit and thus, the digestive system also works better. Remember that, you should take your breakfast within 1 hour of awaking from sleep and take your lunch regularly at the mid-day. About dinner, it should be taken before 7pm. You may also have some snacks in the mid-morning and the mid-afternoon. It can be expected that you won’t face any bloating problem if you obey regular meal-times.

6. Poor food combination

Most of the people are not well-known with the effect of poor food combination. But, the types of foods that you take together can significantly affect the digestion of the foods. Poor food combination can affect some people even more strongly than anyone can think. Improper food combination influences the digestive system to slow down which can create problems like- bloating or indigestion.

The first and foremost rule of food combination is to eat fruits alone instead of combining them with other foods, most importantly with proteins. For some people this can be the root cause of bloating. For example- you should never eat melon or any fruit salad immediately after a fish dinner.

Among other rules of food combination, not to combine proteins with carbohydrates- is notable. But, maintaining this rule can be quite impossible for the pure vegetarian people. Yet not so tough for the people who usually takes food, like-fish, meat or poultry. You need to separate the starches and proteins from your diet to experience its outcome. Undoubtedly, you will feel a very smooth digestion. For instance- You can try fruit juices for your breakfast and nuts for a mid-morning snack. Take meat, fish or poultry and lots of vegetables at lunch. Finish your dinner with more carbohydrate, such as, grilled vegetable and baked sweet potato.

7. Lack of digestive enzymes

The pancreas releases the digestive enzymes to assist to break down the food we eat so that the nutrition can be absorbed by our body. These enzymes use to break down the carbohydrates, lactose, proteins and fats.

If, for some causes, the body becomes unable to produce enough digestive enzymes; a few physical issues, like- the pain, irregular bowel movements, indigestion and bloating can be created. The reasons behind the lack of digestive enzymes are:

  • Low stomach acid
  • Food intolerance which causes low-grade inflammation in the intestinal tract
  • Chronic stress
  • Overgrowth of parasites /yeast / bacteria and
  • Aging

Lactose intolerance causes poor digestion of dairy products. It refers to a form of enzyme shortage and in this enzyme deficiency, lactase enzyme runs out to break down lactose. Through a breath test, lactose intolerance can be determined. Another procedure to detect lactose intolerance is to have a 2-week dairy-free trial, which will be followed by a challenge period (eating dairy products to observe the effect).

Not a permanent, yet a temporary solution of this lactose intolerance is to receive digestive enzymes with meals and to keep away from dairy products simultaneously. But, truly, it’s crucial to find the root cause and treat the disorder due to influence the body to produce enough enzyme on its own.

8.Other sources of dysbiosis – parasites or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth

People are commonly suffered by the disorder in the organisms in the intestinal tract and also the yeast. Some people may carry additional pathogenic bacteria and also parasites in their digestive tracts. It may happen if you have recently travelled to some countries, (especially countries of South America, Asia or Africa). Even though you have taken foods in Toronto, it’s not impossible to get infected by some nasty bugs. These parasites or intestinal bacterial may not only cause digestive imbalance, but also can cause fatigue, diarrhoea and weight loss.

Comprehensive digestive stool analysis can be the best procedure to test bacterial overgrowth and parasites accurately. In this case, test through US labs can perfectly determine what is growing inside. Once you can detect the organism, it will be less demanding to have the treatment properly.


At the long last, we can say that numerous factor can create the problem of bloating and this health issue is completely curable. Yet bloating is quite irritating as it hinders natural movement of a person and also makes him or her feel hesitated to go out and socialize with people in this uncomfortable situation. However, indeed it’s expected that this article will aid you to get a starting point to solve your bloating problem.

Source: The Hearty Soul