You know that bad feeling you get when you get home and what greets you is a stale or bad smell. This is especially embarrasing if you are with guests at that moment. It gives your guests the impression that you are dirty and can’t keep your home tidy. At this point, you turn to the nearest help you can find – Air Fresheners.

About 75% of regular American families use household sprays and plug-ins. These sprays house a very large amount of chemicals that are dangerous to a person’s health.

Dangers of Air Fresheners

Air fresheners have phthalates in them. Phthalates is a very potent chemical which was formerly used to produce cosmetics in UK. 14 types of air sprays gotten from Walgreens was examined by The National Resources Defense Council. It was discovered that 12 out of these 14 had phthalates in them including the sprays where the label clearly says “unscented” and “all-natural”.

Scented candles: Scented candles were studied and the result showed that burning paraffin wax candles in rooms with poor ventilation continuously could pose danger to the health of an individual. This danger occurs as a result of the release of carcinogenous chemicals: benzene and toluene to the air when the candles are burnt.

Reed Diffusers: Reed diffusers contain dipropylene glycol, which is often used to make antifreeze and is lethal to dogs and cats or ethanol. If this liquid gets into the eyes of little children or if it is ingested by them, it could pose a very dangerous threat.

I know this is a very unwelcome informmation because everyone would love their home to smell good. There’s no cause for alarm, you can still make your home smell nice and inviting by using all natural fresheners.


8 Natural Smelly Goods


  1. Ground Coffee: Go out to the store and purchase some coffee beans. Grind them by yourself at home. The aroma from your coffee will fill your home with an inviting scent and your coffee will also have a better taste.


  1. Clean with Fruit: Many people don’t know that lemon juice is a good substance for cleaning. Use it to scrub your shower; limescale can be used to get rid of soap scum. You can also clean your toilet using a mixture of lemons and baking soda. When you are done, your house will have a fresh and lemony smell.


  1. Bake Something: Baking releases sweet and inviting aroma to the air. So bake some cakes, cookies, or brownies. Your guests will love the smell of your house and you’ll also have deliciously baked cookies to enjoy.


  1. Boil Cinnamon: This may sound strange but it works perfectly. The only thing you need is cinnamon, so it is a very cheap method. Place some cinnamon sticks in a saucepan filled with water and then leave it to boil. Allow it boil lightly for a few minutes to allow the scent spread all over your house.


  1. DIY Room Spray: You can produce this using just need baking soda, lime juice, and water. Its cheap to make and the ingredients are all natural products that eliminate bad smells.


  1. Flowers: Place a bouquet of flowers on your coffee table, dining room or counter. They have an added bonus because they make your room smell nice and also make it look fantastic.


  1. Make Herb Sachets: Put some dried herbs, spices and flowers into some small cotton bags. Then place the bags in your cloth drawers. This will give your clothes a nice smell. No need for artificial scent diffusers.


  1. DIY Reed Diffuser: Get your carrier oil, for example almond oil, and add a few drops of essential oil ( your favorite scent). Do not allow the essential oil fall on your skin. Then you place this mixture in a narrow-necked glass bottle that contains reeds. Please keep in places that cannot be reached by pets and little children.

Via Healthy Holistic Living