Many of you prefer to grow your vegetables at home instead of buying them from the market everytime. Growing vegetables at home is not quite difficult, if you can devote some time for the work. You will just need some space to grow the plants and offer them enough light as well as air. Though some vegetables require a farm, the eight vegetables mentioned below does not require a huge space and can be planted indoors as well. Just use the fresh scrap and offer them light as well as water for a healthy growth.

8 Plants That You Can Simply Grow At Home

1. Carrots – To grow carrot tops in your home, all you need is to plant the carrot top after taking the rest of it. Take a dish and put carrot tops in it. Give some water and keep the dish in window sill or in a room that has enough light. Carrot greens may taste a little bitter but chopping them with garlic and sweetening them with vinegars can make them a good addition in your salad.
2. Celery – Cut the celery leaving its bottom or base. Now, place the base in a saucer or shallow bowl. Keep it in sun. Within a few days, the leaves will start thickening and growth will appear from the middle base. Once you see the signs of growth, get it transferred to soil after 3 days.
3. Scallions – This vegetable can be grown from discarded roots. Leave the scallion for 1-inch from its root and keep in a glass with some water. Place the glass in a well-lit room.
4. Bok Choy – Take the end of Bok Choy root and place it in an area with proper light. Leave it for around a week to fortnight and get it transplanted to the soil to find a full new head.
5. Basil – This can be simply grown from the cuttings. Keep the basil clippings with 3-4 inches long stem in a glass filled with water. Put the glass in sunlight. Transfer the plant to a pot when its two inches long and make sure to change water at regular intervals for avoiding slimy ones.
6. Romaine Lettuce – Take the bottom of a romaine lettuce and get its stumps inserted into ½-inch water. New roots and leaves will appear in a few days and then you need to replace it in soil. With proper care, the leaves can grow twice in terms of size. You can also plant cabbages in the same way.
7. Cilantro – Take the stems of this plant and place it in water to find a new growth. Once the root becomes longer, replace it to soil and with proper air as well as sunlight, you can find a full growth in just a few months.
8. Garlic – Garlic can be simply grown from its white cloves. Once you find the sprouts, you can place them in a glass of water. New sprouts has a milder flavor compared to the old ones and can be used in different side-dishes, salads or pasta.