A lot of people have given up on bread because of health reasons. Bread, especially the white ones are actually pretty bad for you. Not only do they make you put on weight but also lead to a lot of health problems. In order to avoid situations like these, you can try some awesome sandwiches at home without having to use bread!

Barbecue salmon lettuce wraps

Making delicious salmon lettuce wraps at home is probably everyone’s food dream. If you love barbequed salmon, this dish will certainly make you fall in love. With some fresh lettuce wraps as base, you can add some well cooked salmon on top. Add a favourite dressing of your choice for further taste.

Red bell pepper sandwich

Red bell pepper sandwiches are also easy to prepare. You need to keep the bell peppers as base. In between you can add some cheese, veggies and salami!

Sweet potato buns

Sweet potato bun sandwiches are everyone’s favourite. Slice the buns and add your favourite dressing. Those who love jam and jellies will surely love this!

Grilled egg plant sandwich

Who knew egg plants could make delicious sandwiches? With well baked eggplants as base, you can create something absolutely delicious with your favourite veggies, chicken and cheese in the middle.

Gluten free tapioca wraps

Those who love tortillas can replace it with these awesome and tasty tapioca wraps. Add some cream cheese, veggies and meat to add more taste to your sandwich!

Plantain tortillas

Plantain tortillas are actually quite healthy and delicious. You can use this to create something absolutely remarkable. Just use your favourite sauces and meat.

Cucumber submarines

Cucumber submarines are a must for all health conscious souls. For this you will have to cut a cucumber in half and add some ham salami, low fat cheese and some tasty mustard or tomato sauce. And voila!

Avocado burger with tomatoes

Using tomatoes as base, you can always fry a delicious meat patty and cook something absolutely spectacular as this! Add some cheese for more taste!

Halloumi burgers of Portabella

Nobody will ever say to some delicious halloumi burgers. Going by the look of it, you are bound to drool all over it!

Source: Real Farmacy