For as far back as the 5th century, Salicylic acid has been used to ease pain and soothe an inflammation and also treat heart disease and prevent clotting of the blood.

These days, it is a major content of aspirin, but you definitely did not know all the wonderful  uses of these pills.

Here are the top 9 uses of aspirin:

-It helps in the case of insect bites and stings

Used to relieve the burn and itching in the event of stings or insect bites, just rub the pill on the affected part. But then, be sure to visit your doctor in case you are allergic to bee stings.

-It dries up pimples

Occasionally, due to stress and a few other factors, people can still have pimples even  after they are past the  adolescence phase, but they can be efficiently taken care of using aspirin. Just crush the pill and moisten it with very little water.

Then, rub paste on the affected part and allow to stay for a few minutes. Then, wash off with a mild soap and water. The redness will be reduced  and the pimple will eventually vanish.

-It rejuvenates the skin

Do you have skin issues? The salicylic acid in aspirin helps take care of  redness, swellings, and acne, and also it eliminates dead skin cells and excess oils. To do this, crush five aspirin pills and mix with ¼ cup of water and a teaspoon of honey.l

Use the mixture on the skin and allow to act for 10 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. Constantly using this mask will treat all skin issues and most importantly,  rejuvenate the skin.

-It treats hard calluses

Take 5 aspirin pills, crush and mix with some lemon juice and half teaspoon of honey. Apply the paste on the hard calluses on your feet and wrap the foot in a warm towel. Secure it using a plastic wrap. Leave for 10 minutes, then take off  the wrap, and the results will definitely amaze  you!

-It treats dandruff

Grind 2 aspirin pills to make a fine powder. Mix the powder with your shampoo and after a few minutes, you can wash your hair with it as normal. It  effectively treats and stop  dandruff.

-It eliminates perspiration stains

This simple trick will help you get rid of stubborn stains on your clothes: all you need to do is, grind a few aspirin pills and mix in a half cup of water. Then, soak the stained part in the mixture and allow to stay thus for a few hours.

-It restores hair color

Specifically, if your hair is light colored, the chlorinated water can greatly damage it. But, you can recover  its shine and health if you melt 6-8 aspirin pills in a glass of warm water and rub the solution on the hair. Allow  to act for about  10-15 minutes.

-It cleans the grease from the cookware

Make a cleaning paste using a few grinded  aspirins and a bit of water. Then, rub on the cookware, and you will be very much impressed with the results.

-Aspirin will help the plants last longer

Are you a lover of plants and you want them to last longer? Add a grinded aspirin pill to the base water of your plants, and it will delay their drying and  make them last longer.

Source: Healthiest Alternative