Butterfly Crunch

Targets: abdominus the six pack

Lie around the back and set the soles of the ft as near for your body as you possibly can, together with your knees bent to sides. Place your hands behind your head, elbows consistent with your ears. Keep your back flat on the ground along with the abs muscles contracted, exhale and curl your chest up a couple of inches started toward your legs. Lower to begin. Continue doing these 10 occasions.


Targets: oblique’s

Lie around the back and bend the knees and ft flat on the ground, as well as your arms at the sides. Exhale as well as contract your abs while you slide the best hands toward the best feet. Keep the head and neck aligned together with your back pressed towards the floor. Return to the beginning position, and then change sides. Repeat 15 occasions.

Front Plank

Targets: transverse abs

Start to deal with hands and knees. Keep the back muscles contracted and drop lower for your over arms while stretching legs out behind you which means you are sitting on the balls of the ft. Keep the back straight, sides up, and neck relaxed. Remain in it for several seconds, and then return to the beginning. Repeat 10 occasions.

Fingers to Toes

Targets: rectus abdominus

Lie on your back together with your legs straight and extend ending it towards the ceiling, with arms lower from your sides. Exhale and contract your abs while you crunch up out of your waist and extend both hands toward your toes. Keep the back flat on the ground. Do 2 times of 15 repetitions.


Targets: oblique’s

Lie around the back and get your fingers relaxed behind your head. Keep the abs tight, lift up your left knee and touch it to your right elbow. Return to start, then lift up your right knee and touch it for your left elbow. Alternate for 15 repetitions utilizing a gentle, motion, keeping the abs engaged and hands relaxed so you don`t pull in your neck. Do same 2 sets.

Reverse Crunches with Resistance Bands

Targets: transverse abs

Lie around the back together with your knees bent, arms lower from your sides, holding one finish of the band in every hands, using the band wrapped around tops of shins. Lift up your knees toward your chest until your sides leave the ground. Hold for several seconds lower to begin. Repeat for just two teams of 10 repetitions.

Advanced Moves

Targets: rectus abdominus

Brace yourself in between your backrests of two chairs, keeping the elbows slightly bent, shoulders lower, neck very relaxed, together with your mind and chest lifted. Keep the abs tight, exhale and gradually take the knees for your chest without swinging backwards and forwards. If you fail to keep yourself within this for, raise one knee at a given time. Do 3 sets with 15 repetitions.

Leg Shifts

Targets: oblique’s

Lie lying on your back together with your arms to sides, legs and ft pointing up. Exhale and draw navel in towards the spine while you bend legs to left side about 5 inches in the floor. Return to the beginning and perform the same on right side. Switch the edges for as many as 15 repetitions. Repeat 3 sets.

Ball Leg Lift

Targets: transverse abs

Lie together with your face on the ball and roll forward until both hands take come on the floor and merely the tops of the ft are flat on ball. Keeping the back and right leg straight, gradually lift leg a few inches toward the ceiling. Hold for several seconds, and then lower. Do 10times, and then change legs. It’s suggested that you simply add 2 repetitions every week as long as possible maintain perfect form.

Source: Healthy Food Team