Contemporary medical practice has, among other things regarded the connexion between your body and mind, emotions and spirit as inconsequential and this explains why much has not been done in this regard. Although most of us don’t pay much attention but we often feel the linkage between the physical and the emotional at some point in our lives. These signs are what you should look out for on your journey to a true complete health:

  1. Pain in your head

Stress is the major reason for such pains in the head like headache. Withdraw from whatever you’re doing and rest. This alone can reduce the stress on a daily basis.

  1. Pain in your neck

The pain on your neck could be caused by your unforgiving nature. Think about the things that you love about people when you’re feeling pain in your neck; this will reduce the pains.

  1. Pain on your shoulders.

This may be because you are overburdened with emotions. In fact, the saying ‘shouldering a problem’ came from this. Make efforts to solve these issues that cause you to worry too much and share this burden with other people.

  1. Pain in your upper back

This means you are not getting the desired support emotionally-wise. It could be that you feel unloved, alone or undesired. If you’re not with anyone, it could be a prompter to go on dates or get someone.

  1. Pain in your lower back

This can be linked to excessive worrying over money. You ask for a long due raise or seek the help of a financial expert.

  1. Pain in your lower back

This reflects that you are resistive toward change happening in your life. Be flexible, make compromises, don’t be rigid always and try to experience new things once in a while.

  1. Pain in your hands

This shows how reclusive you may be in your life. Think about getting new and more friends, go for a meal with a co-worker, and try to reach out to people more than you used to. You may also consider making fresh connexions.

  1. Pain in your hips

This reflects that you may be afraid of development, of moving on and changing. You try to be too careful in all things that you do and especially in your decision making.

  1. Pain in the knees

This could be sign of a pumped up ego. You think too highly of yourself, or you’re just too proud. Find humility and do a lot of volunteer work. Never forget for a moment that you are a mere human.

Source: Higher Perspectives