Dandelion is proven now to treat various diseases as it helps in stimulation of the bile formation, reducing cholesterol, treating allergies and also cleansing of the liver. It is an excellent dietary supplement that can be great for a pregnant woman and also for women who are facing postmenopausal issues.

April is the month when dandelions can be picked up, as you head towards away from the town, more into the nature.

To pick the plant, you do not need any knife or other equipment as it can be picked up easily. Picking up the whole plant with the root is easy because the roots are also a part of healing along with the plant.

The leaves of the plant, known as radicchio can make great salads. The salad can be prepared with a combination of the dandelion leaves, spinach, tomatoes, potatoes and eggs.

The dandelion plant is known to have carotene even more than the carrots and hence can be one of the best sources for minerals and vitamins.

The stems of the dandelion plant helps in purifying the blood, cleansing the stomach, regulating metabolism and also solving issues of gall bladder. Many experts advise patients to take the milk from the dandelion stems to treat diabetes and also to remove warts. Though it is not yet surely confirmed but still it is sure that the dandelion stem milk is healing in nature.

The syrup from the flowers of the plant is known as honey that is known to cleanse the blood and also strengthening the digestion system. Also it helps in treating cough.

Preparation method:

Take 400 numbers of yellow dandelion flowers and add 3 liters cold water to it. Also add slices of 4 lemons and oranges. Leave the mixture for about 24 hours and then strain it using cheesecloth. Now add about 2 pounds sugar in the mixture and bring the combination to boil. This will provide you with thick syrup.

Sterilize some of the jars in hot waters and keep them aside. After the syrup is prepared, pour them in these jars. Due to the dense texture of the syrup, many times it is also known as honey. This can be an excellent mixture of curing cough and cold. Taking a teaspoon of this syrup can be helpful even for the kids.

Tea preparation

Keep some flowers outside in the air to get dried. After it is dried, you can make tea of it and drink it to get refreshed. Though the tea is consumed for refreshment but adding some amount of honey can also add some of the healing properties. You need to make sure that do not pour the tea hot or put a metal spoon in it. It is better to use wooden or plastic utensils for the tea.

Curing cancer with dandelion roots

The dandelion plant has a healing property, is also proven by many scientists lately. It is said that the roots of the plants has a cancer curing property. To store the roots of the plant, you should peel it off carefully and then cut it into small pieces. Now dry them by keeping them outside in the air.

If the roots are spread somewhere for drying, it may take about 3-14 days to dry, depending upon the flow of the air. The dried roots are brittle and are known to have maximum healing properties. You can keep the roots stored in a jar for a year’s time.

It is helpful in cleansing of the kidneys, gallbladder, liver and also the lymph. It is thus a highly detoxifying agent that releases toxins from the body in the form of urine.

A number of diseases can be treated like edema, arthritis, constipation, gallstones and many others. Also it is highly beneficial for a number of skin issues such as acne.

The roots are extremely beneficial in treating various diseases n women such as cancer, cysts, breast diseases, tumors and also many others. Women facing from problems of breast milking may also consume the roots.

The recipe for the preparation

Take about 30 grams of dried dandelion root and add to about 2.5 ounces of water. Now add a pinch of salt and bring the whole mixture to boil. Cover the boiling mixture and sim it down for 20 minutes or so. Now strain the liquid and drink it as tea daily for three times. Make sure that you do not drink more than 3 cups on a daily basis.

Other methods of preparing tea from dandelion roots

There can be another method to prepare tea from the dandelion roots. Chop the dried roots very nicely so that it becomes a powder. You can store the powder as tea in a jar. You can mix half teaspoon of the powder in a glass of water and drink it daily.

Source: My Central Health