Similar to other items, Caffeine too has both good and bad sides. It has a lot of good sides. A few of them are increased memory, and you can keep yourself notified, for a number of activities, around you. Though, the negative aspects are there. But, here are a few side-effects, which you can feel, once you take refrain from caffeine.

Be free for some time

If you are fond of caffeine, you will start facing a number of problems, like headaches, fatigue, and some other problems, if you do not consume caffeine for a long period of time. Apart from it, you can face rapid mood-swings, if you are away from caffeine for a long time. Thus, you should teach your friends and family, not to refrain from coffee and caffeine, all of a sudden.

In case, you are ingesting 400-500 ml of caffeine, a day, which is about 3 or 4 cups a day, you can face a number of problems. It will last for the next 7 or 8 days. Thus, you should never consume much coffee, on a regular basis, and reduce the intake, after a few days. You should consume half of the coffee, you take every day, after every 10 days, or less than that.

Get rid of unwanted weight

A lot of people do not understand the amount of calorie they intake, on consumption of coffee, according to Delbridge. As, a cup of coffee is prepared with sugar and creams, they are one of the biggest sources of calorie intake, in the long run. Caffeine can also trigger your metabolism, even after a certain limit. But, consumption of black coffee can help you with the removal of a few calories from your body.

Or gain weight

Caffeine can be a powerful and quick supplement of appetite. With the aid of caffeine, you can work more, as it boosts your capability to do work, six hours before you work. But, it even has the ability to disturb or snatch the sleep away, in the middle of the night, which is found in a research. The reason is, you will wake up in the middle of the night, and you will want to consume some more caffeine. The cycle will keep on repeating, unless you wake up the next morning.

Have a better sleep

As a result of it, people, those who do not consume caffeine at all, has the ability to sleep better and deeper, than those people who consume caffeine quite much or little. Once you get accustomed to the caffeine free lifestyle, you too can understand the difference. With time, you can ultimately retain more energy in yourself.

Stay calm and tranquilized

Caffeine has been proved to be quite stimulant, and thus, it has a massive effect on your nervous system. It can trigger an adrenaline rush, when it is not necessary. It will make to start fighting, when it is not necessary. Moreover, caffeine can narrow your blood vessel, which in turn, can increase your blood pressure. The more the blood pressure, the more anxious, you will be. Thus, you should get rid of caffeine, if you have high blood pressure.

Work properly in a gym

There is a good aspect though, with the intake of caffeine. As it increases the blood pressure, you can work properly in your gym. You can even get improved results, out of your gym workout, on a daily basis. Thus, it is one of the best aspects, which you can easily understand, once you start the intake of caffeine, but not always.

Good for your stomach and digestive system

Caffeine can speed up your digestive system, and hence the process of digestion. But, there is one problem as well. Coffee is acidic. Thus, it might happen that you can start suffering from acidity, if you consume caffeine, or coffee, too much. In a word, if you can refrain from coffee, you can keep yourself away from every minute trip, to the bathroom.

Rich in antioxidants

One of the good sides of coffee is that, it is rich in anti-oxidants. It is by far the best source of anti-oxidants on the earth. A number of Americans, take anti-oxidants from the coffee only. It has been found in one of the researches, made by the University of Scranton, that consumption of coffee can reduce the chances of Breast cancer for women, almost by 57% than those, who do not drink coffee on a regular basis. Apart from it, there is another good side of coffee as well. It has also been found that persons, who drink 3 to 5 cups of coffee on a daily basis, have less chances to get attacked by any heart disease.

After coffee, the best source of anti-oxidants are none other than green tea. Thus, coffee has a number of good and bad sides, as mentioned here. Thus, if you are giving up coffee, you should start the consumption of green tea on a daily basis, to get anti-oxidants. You can also consume a lot of fruits and vegetables, as a source of rich and natural anti-oxidants.