Beating diabetes has already been the source of endless debate, but we will never understand if that is possibility unless we look at a real case study. So here is a case study of a man who wanted to beat the disease through natural methods.

Here is the story of a man who decided that he was going to tackle the disease by natural methods and so he started eating raw fruits and vegetables and to a certain extent he succeeded in gaining good health.

He actually found out about his disease accidentally about 4 years back. The initial symptoms were extreme thirst and when visited the doctor he was greeted by a rude shock as he learnt he had diabetes. The man found out that his sugar had shot up to level 29 and the doctor said that his pancreas are not up to the mark in terms of functioning. The doctor also told him that he will have to take insulin on a regular basis.

At first he started using insulin because he felt it was the correct way to deal with it. He then became very active and started indulging in sports. Gradually he notices that his health began to fail, his blood pressure became 150/100 and his triglyceride was also very high. So just as the New year’s was about to set in he decided that wanted to cure diabetes in a different way. He saw an interview of Dr Zirdum who revealed that he was able to gain good health by consuming raw food for more than 12 years. So this man decided to follow suit.

In the first week he was subjected to a lot of temptations but fortunately he was able to beat them well. His efforts were rewarded and he noticed that the sugar level in the blood was 5. This was good for him as he had tried many medicines before but he could not achieve these results. just to check he started using insulin to see if his diabetes shoots up again but thankfully he did not. In fact he lost all his extra weight; his blood pressure stabilized at 120/70 and his triglyceride level came to about 1.4. The recipe of the juice that he drank is as stated below.

  • A few kale
  • 2 kiwis
  • 2 Apples
  • 5 bananas

How to prepare them

Put all the ingredients in a bowl, and pour half a liter of water over them. Drink 500ml of this juice everyday during the early morning and finish the remaining throughout the day.

Some more information

If you consume this on a regular basis, you should include tuna fish, fruits and vegetables. Tuna fish has high levels of B12 which is an important vitamin. Since you will be eating generous quantity of vegetables and fruits you will not suffer from hunger pangs and your brain will understand that you are full. This routine is quite good as your body will get all the nutrients that it needs.

Source: Healthy Recipes Box