Heart attack does not just happen; there are many signs that will indicate the threat of a heart attack. We have compiled six vital warning signs of an impending heart attack-

The high rate of deaths caused by heart attack is really alarming. The reason for the increasing numbers of heart attack related deaths can be attributed to many bad health practices that have become a part of our lives. Basically, living through each day will be stressful for anyone considering the enormous demands and challenges we face daily. Many people have also adopted unhealthy eating habits that can make them prone to suffering a heart attack.  We have compiled six vital signs that can be used to detect the onset of a heart attack as long as a month before it happens.

Six Signs of a Heart Attack

Making plans to live healthier and eat better meals will go a long way in helping us cope with life’s challenges and have a healthier heart. It is also important to know the early signs of a heart attack in order to seek to necessary medical attention before the case gets worse.

Irregular Breathing

This health condition can be caused by a number of reasons. It is related to a heart attack because the heart relies on the blood it receives in the body. When there is insufficient oxygen in the lungs, the individual will suffer from shortness of breath. This condition should be immediately reported to a qualified medical practitioner.

Symptoms similar to cold and flu infections

There are cases where heart attack warnings have manifested as the regular symptoms experienced when you have cold and flu. If you feel like there is more to these symptoms please seek medical assistance without delay.

Pressure in the chest region

This is actually a common feeling for many people and it is usually passed off as one of those days again. Unfortunately, it is a common warning sign of a heart attack. Any experience like this should be reported to a medical doctor for further evaluation.

Body weakness

Feeling weak in your body is not a good sign. It means that there are many things wrong in your system. It is also a common sign of an impending heart attack. This condition is usually caused when the body and its muscles are deprived of nutrients and oxygen. This happens when the arteries responsible for channeling blood through your body becomes narrow. If you ever start feeling extremely weak please seek medical assistance for further evaluation.

Dizziness and profuse sweating

These are alarming signs that will be experienced when the arteries become incapable of supplying the brain and other vital organs with enough blood needed to function properly.


Experiencing fatigue can be very destabilizing especially for people who are used to being very physically active. If you experience fatigue for an extended period than normal, please seek medical attention because it might be a warning that your heart functions have been compromised.

Early detection is crucial to managing any medical concerns related to heart attack. It is important to seek medical attention for further evaluation when you experience any of these six symptoms. You will get the necessary support and useful tips to help you manage the condition very well.

Source: Home Healthy Recipes