Kidney stones are one of the most excruciating illnesses, especially for males who have more elongated urinary tract and more trouble getting the stones out of their system.

These are mineral accumulations (commonly a form of calcium) accumulated in the kidneys in the shape of tiny stones. It is possible for these stones to stay in kidneys for a long period of time without leading to much trouble. But eventually, when it starts to move, it can lead to strong pains and blood in urine.

In case of smaller stones, it is recommended to consume a lot of water (or any other liquid) in order to try to get rid of it through urine. Also, one should take some painkillers to ease the pain. In the case of larger stones, however, even a surgical procedure might be necessary.

But, we offer you another solution!  With the help of this potent potion you may be able to dissolve the kidney stones and avoid the surgery.


  • 250g of olive oil (cold-pressed)
  • 250g of organic honey
  • 250g of lemon
  • 250g of parsley root
  • one cup of maple syrup


Slice the lemon, along with the rind, and mix it in a blender. Next, wash and chop the parsley and put it to the mixture, together with olive oil and maple syrup. Stir it all well, till you create a homogenous potion.
After that, pour the potion in a glass jar and store it in the refrigerator.
Eat one spoon of potion every morning before breakfast. Don’t forget to consume a lot of water throughout the day.

Foto: Beauty Health Page