We all hate mosquitos and cockroaches. Both happen to be some of the most annoying pests to be found in any household. They can create infestations that make life intolerable to live.

As a result of their existence, great health problems can also arise. Those bugs can carry serious diseases that have been life threatening for many individuals around the world! Learning to deal with those bugs means we need to understand how to get rid of them!

Now, while many market products make claims of their ability to eliminate mosquitoes and cockroaches, those remedies are usually high cost and ineffective. Fortunately, the remedy works in the destruction of pests, ensuring the never come home again.

Here is what needs to be done to make the remedy…


  • Shampoo (½ a cup)
  • Vinegar (½ a cup)
  • Vegetable Oil (½ a cup)


The ingredients should be mixed into a spray mottle, which will be sprayed all over your home. This remedy can be used safely, where it will not harm any pets. It is also safe for children.

This can also be used in your garden, as a protection from different pests and plants. After attempting to use this remedy, you’ll never have to rely on commercial products again for mosquito killing!