In this modern time, over 80%of women everywhere  wear a bra in the day time and some, even at night. Bras come in different sizes, shapes, and  colors. But, do you know, that  you really do not need a bra to make your breasts appear really full  and appealing? Fitting your  breasts tightly into a bra always have negative effects  on the attractiveness of your bust as well as on your general health. Toss that bra away right this minute and you’ll soon discover the amazing things will begin to happen that you never had idea.

Your cup size increases.

If you intend to  to stop using your bra, you could start from being a B-cup to a C-cup after a while. Then, begin to engage  your chest muscles more,so that you can withstand the force  of gravity on your breasts. Although, they won’t magically become more voluptuous, but  it could as well  help them be smart and livelier in a natural way, making them look bigger than usual.

Your breasts get a nicer shape.

Based on what  many women think, that wearing a bra prevents sagging of the  breasts, but, this is not entirely true. In agreement with  a French study, taking off the bra can lead to even more attractive breasts.

A healthier bust.

Not that bras are bad for your breasts. But, research has also shown  that, wearing the wrong size of bra comes with several  unpleasant consequences  such as bodily distress or inability to breathe well. There are a lot of advantages attached to not wearing bra, for instance; your blood flow will improve, you also engage your pectoral muscles more and it’s more hygienic because the body sweat that accumulates between the bra and your breasts can form a breeding ground for bacteria.

You’ll feel better.

Every woman loves that feeling when, they finally come home and take off their bras after a long day at work, especially when  they are too tight and uncomfortable. What if  you could enjoy this feeling every minute, of every hour, of every day. The feeling alone is enough to make one wonder if wearing a bra is really necessary.

Sleep disorders can disappear.

Wearing a bra to bed, can cause discomfort that lead to sleep disturbances.   According to a research, wearing a bra can disrupt  sleep patterns, and as a result, women get less sleep.

You save money.

An elegant  bra can possibly cost you over $100. There are several cheap  bras in the stores, but the quality is below standard, and you always resort to buying  another new bra after a short while. It is a lot better to save or invest your money in something more important than bras.

It improves your blood circulation.

Ever wondered what effect the tight elastic of your bra have on your body? Every time this touches the skin, your blood vessels are squeezed and blood can no longer flow as usual. Of course, this will leave a negative effect on your total well-being, thereby leaving you completely  exhausted and stressed out. Just get rid of that bra, and see  how smart and alert you feel.

And, of course, we are aware of some cases where wearing a well-fitted bra is certainly essential and recommended, for instance, people who engage in endurance sport, and people with large cup size. If you don’t belong to any  of these cases, then, you really should take to consideration  these 7 things we discussed above.

Source: Just Natural Life