Cinnamon is known as the second most popular spice, first being black pepper, in western countries. This is a spice which one can get from the bark of wild trees found in South America, Caribbean and Southeast Asia. This wild trees belong to Cinnamonum genus. This spice has many benefits for the human body. It also can be very good and can really help to grow and protect a plant too. This spice has some breath taking prospects that you must know.

Irrespective of being indoor or outdoor, every tree can get crucial benefits from cinnamon if used properly. There are numerous uses of this spice if you know how to get them to work. In the next 6 points we will describe how you can be helped with this great spice when you are gardening.

  1. Ant Repellant

Ants can be really depressing if they start their heinous act and ruin your garden bed. Make sure that you sprinkle some cinnamon in the garden bed and you will see how that makes the ants react. They will be surely out of you territory and won’t be noticed as long as the spice stays.

  1. To Clear Wild Mushrooms

Wild Mushroom is also something that can be difficult to manage and pretty annoying in nature too, when it comes to gardening. You must hate to see them in your lawn and wondering how you can get rid of those without actually having to clean them by hand. Simply throw some cinnamon on them and you will like the effect soon.

  1. Remove Mold and Mildew

Sprinkling this awesome spice can help in numerous ways and this is another important role of them. This precious spice takes an awesome role to help flourish both indoor and outdoor plants. It can eliminate gnats found in Houseplants and seedlings. You are likely to see speeded up growth with regular use of it.

  1. Seedlings

Cinnamon has awesome anti-fungal abilities and it can stop any Fungi to mess up your gardening habit. Bad soil and Fungi can end up destroying seedlings as a lot of factors are there to damage it from growing properly. There are numerous diseases that can act as elements to cause ‘damping’. Allow cinnamon to get this problem out of your life. Using right amount of cinnamon to the garden bed will allow you to see a garden with no fungi and no such diseases.

  1. Plant Wounds

Any garden will go through a time when the plant is injured in some way and maybe we need to cut that plant in a while. In either situations, to speed up the recovery cinnamon can be very useful. It helps the plants to grow in a significant speed and as well as stops the occurrence of any damage that can be caused internally. The exotic spice has many plant friendly attributes and this is one of the best of them.

  1. Rooting Hormones

The growth of the root is crucial for any plant. The stronger the root, the plant is supposed to be healthy and proper. To help in the welfare of roots, gardeners use some rooting hormones from outside. These outside hormones contain chemical and can be dangerous for your plant. You can use cinnamon as a rooting hormone. It is completely natural and also has a nice impact as a rooting hormone. You must opt for the natural way if the option is available.

To sum it all up, cinnamon is a wonderful spice to spice up the health and growth of any other plants in gardening. It is cheaper than fake advertised chemical supplements and the most effective natural solution you will ever find. It is strongly recommended that you go green and use the cinnamon to help you in numerous ways. You will find this spice to be extremely useful and we strongly recommend that you opt for it as soon as possible.

Source: Healthy Living Style