Morning dose of hot water with lemon, is one of the oldest recipes for health and slenderness, which has incredibly beneficial effect on the body …


The recipe is very simple – squeeze a lemon and pour the warm water. Drink on an empty stomach. This magic potion will immediately stimulate your digestive system and purify the body. Here are 8 benefits of these healthy habits:

  1. Water and lemon have cleansing effect and gently rinse the kidneys and liver of toxins.
  2. Glass of lemon juice contains less than 25 calories.
  3. The beverage is a rich source of nutrients such as calcium, potassium, vitamin C and fiber.
  4. Helps clean lymph, which is essential for the removal of toxins.
  5. Adoption of these habits will cleanse the body and gradually lose weight.
  6. Stabilizing blood sugar levels.
  7. It is a natural antiseptic and antioxidant. It prevents the flu, colds and many types of infections.
  8. Lowers blood pressure and increases the level of good cholesterol.