If you have not heard of this ancient medicine, now is the time to find out all health and cosmetic benefits of this cure having. So, take advantage of the rice water.

More energy, healthier skin and shiny hair are just some of the benefits that will provide you with this old Chinese recipe, which is becoming increasingly popular in modern Western civilization.

A healthy body and beautiful skin will be achieved with only two low-cost ingredients, such as rice and water.

Health benefits:

It gives energy
Successful prevent gastroenteritis
Excellent prevention of cancer
It regulates high blood pressure
Regulates body temperature
Prevents and cures constipation

Beauty benefits:

Washing the face with water in which rice is cooked, will make your skin softer
Excellent replacement for tonic
It helps in reducing pores on the face
Rinsing your skin ‘rice water’, the hair will get a glow and remain healthy


Although you might have read or heard that the rice water is water in which you wash the rice, it really is not true. This water also can be used, but you will not get everything you can get of it because the rights rice water prepared this way: boil the rice in a little more water than you did that just cook the rice for a meal. Water prepared in this way is a real rice guide. You can drink it hot or allow to cool and wash your face or hair.