There is this habit that is common to us which is carrying our phones along with us to the rest room. You would want to know that taking phones to the rest room put us and others at risk of salmonella, E.Coli and other germs that are harmful.

According to Dr. Lisa Ackerley an expert in hygiene, there ia transfer of bacteria from our hands to our phones whenever we pick up our phones immediately after wiping our private parts in the rest room. So it is a waste of time washing your hands later because as soon as you pick up your phone again, you transfer the bacteria from your phone back to your hands.

Here is the best thing to do

According to Dr. Ron Cutler the Biomedical Science Degree Programmes director, DMS at the Queen Mary University, London, it is best we don’t take our phones to the toilet to prevent the transfer of viruses and fecal contaminations.

He explained that the level of contamination depends to a greater extent the toilet’s location. Doing this in a small office will not really be problematic but when it happens in a cruise ship or hospital where there is circulation of viruses there will be serious problem.

There are others ways in which viruses are transferred apart from the common way which is by hand. As explained by Dr. Ackerley, the viruses can be transferred in sprays to about 6 feet from the flush, so it will be wise not to keep your toothbrush in the toilet. Furthermore, avoid keeping your phone toilet roll holder or shelf that is close to the toilet.

The temperature of phones makes them a conducive environment for bacteria. They become more conducive for bacteria when you place sticky coatings on them after handling sweets. This is why it is important to always wash your hands with soap and water, and also keep your phone safely in your bag or pocket before visiting the rest room.

Source: Remedy Yard