Cabbage could be amazing when put into the most popular dishes, because it improves the flavor and offers numerous nutrition. However, cabbage could be very helpful in treating some conditions and illnesses too.

Namely, it may provide wonderful benefits within the following cases:

Head aches

Your intolerable headache could be triggered by fatigue, excessive stress or some eye issues. Yet, you need to convey a compress from fresh cabbage leaves on your forehead and also the feet’s. Avoid the leaves from falling.


The functions from the thyroid have extreme importance for your health, since it’s the body’s hormones boost metabolic process, help growth, and helps digestion.

To be able to restore the standard purpose of the thyroid, you need to apply some cabbage leaves on the position of the thyroid in your throat. Wrap a scarf or out a bandage to be able to secure the leaves, and then leave it thus throughout the evening. Take away the cabbage leaves the nest morning.

Discomfort because of breastfeeding

Within the situation of discomfort triggered by breastfeeding, you need to use a compress from fresh cabbage leaves in your breasts two times each day, at night and each morning. This process will rapidly relieve discomfort.

Swelling triggered by traumas

When your hands or leg has begun swelling once you have hurt it, you have to wrap it using the fresh leaves of the cabbage. Make use of a bandage to tighten them, and then leave it thus throughout the night. This process may also be really good at the situation of inflamed legs or perhaps a swelling around the ankle.

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