Do you ever find these small silica gel bags in furniture and boxes? You would probably find them and just throw them away as you feel that they have no use and might even be harmful to health. But the bags contain silicon dioxide, which is a non toxic inert desiccant and can keep places dry, as it absorbs water. Although they shouldn’t be eaten, they are safe.

In fact these bags can be more useful around your house than you can think. Here are the top seven ways that you can use them:

  • Slip them between towels – This will make sure that the towels don’t stay damp, which would give out bad odor. So put some gel bags in the towel cabinet.
  • Use them to save your phone – Yes! We have all been there. With our tendency to drop phones onto water, the bags will be very handy. If your phone is dropped into water, then place the phone in a jar filled with silica gel bags which will help remove dampness.
  • Drop some in your gym bag – The bags will help absorb moisture and protect your shoes as bacteria cannot grow in this environment.
  • Use them on razors – Razors can be left in a pile of silica gel bags. This will make them last longer as compared to leave them in damp areas.
  • Use them to defog your car windows – Foggy windows can cause a distraction while driving and can be difficult to remove. Just a drop a few silica gel bags nears the windshield and you will find that there is no fog in the windows the next day. This will surely save a lot of time and effort for all drivers out there.
  • Use it protect makeup – Powdery makeup will stop from curdling when you drop in some silica gel bags into your purse.
  • Protect old photos – This is an issue with many. Old photos are stored up in the attic and once a while you open the carton storing all the photos, only to find them deteriorated. Dropping some silica gel bags into the box of photos will make sure that moisture and dampness will not ruin them.

Source: Mr Healthy Life