It is recently heard that every newborn European baby, starting from December 2016, will have to acquire a subcutaneous microchip that will track their each and every moment right from their born time and till their last day on earth.

A newspaper write ups, doctors and medical students have to choose the mind controlling techniques and medicine’s direction. Sources say that every newborn in Europe must be injected with a RFID chip from December 2016.

GPS sensor helps the microchip to work correctly. RFID chip has a micro-disposable battery. It should be replaced for every 2 years in a state clinic.

However, data of these microchips will be recorded and will be sent to smart phones or tablets. Some apps will also provide real-time monitoring of the baby’s action and health to parents and doctors.

The FDA has already approved this technology to use on human. So, it’s definitely not a science-fiction, unfortunately. The best thing about the micro chip is that it can record and store personal information. The worst thing about this microchip is that no one knows its full capacity. It may perform some other functions that are unknown to anyone.

Source: Health & Love Page