With the amount of sugar within our food today, it’s hardly surprising that countless Americans gain weight, suffer insulin resistance and consequently have problems with high blood sugar (hyperglycemia)!

You must try and reduce your sugar intake, however, not only do you need to cut down on sugar filled foods, but you also should make a conscious effort to enjoy foods that can help balance your blood sugar. The easiest way to achieve this is to add specific ingredients for your daily water intake!

So, which ingredients will regulate blood sugar levels?

Cinnamon and clove can do wonders to help regulate blood sugar levels! Whenever I can, I add these spices to water or produce a delicious tea.

I recommend adding these ingredients to about 5 liters of water:

– 2 sticks of organic cinnamon (powdered cinnamon just isn’t water soluble)
– 3 grams of organic cloves

Making flavored water this way is much easier if one makes it in mass because the flavors and health advantages of cinnamon and clove will seep into the water. It’s also easier to have this water mixture accessible so that whenever you’re thirsty, you only pour a glass!

Cinnamon will facilitate slowing down your body’s absorption of food, that will significantly reduce glucose levels spikes once you eat a meal. It is also able to promote your body’s capability to use glucose efficiently. Cinnamon is also an efficient anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial agent.

Cloves conversely have an innate ability to lower the glucose within your bloodstream if taken consistently. By inducing activity much like insulin production, cloves can overcome insulin resistance and inefficient glucose distribution, to thus balance glucose levels.

Together, cinnamon and clove process glucose better and are thus able to keep your levels down, which is absolutely necessary if you’re looking to prevent diabetes. They also keep cholesterol levels low as well as reduce your triglyceride count.

You can also try sprinkling a combination of these herbs within the following:

– fruit
– meats
– stir-fries
– sautéed vegetables

Having a minimum of ½ a teaspoon 2 times a day can help those with both pre-diabetic symptoms, and people already managing diabetes.

Incorporating ingredients like cinnamon and clove will benefit your health dramatically! I prefer putting these herbs in hot water and then it becomes a cozy and delicious tea. I purchased a loose-leaf tea infuser making sure that I can place the ingredients inside a hot cup whenever I want… which is often because it is so delicious!

I’ve comprised a tiny list of symptoms that will accompany high blood sugar:

Mild High Blood Sugar Levels:

– Increased thirst (persistent)
– Unexplained weight loss
– Dry mouth
– Fatigue

Severely High Blood Sugar Levels:

– Extremely thirsty
– Blurry vision
– Light-headed
– Warm, dry skin
– Strong, sweet breath odor
– Loss of appetite

I wouldn’t recommend worrying in case you are experiencing one of several mild isolated symptoms, however in case you are experiencing some (mild or severe) you might want to consult a family doctor once you can.