This can be a popular traditional remedy to treat lung issues, especially bronchial asthma, or perhaps both bronchial and cardiac. Our grandmas have prepared this remedy previously and based on individuals who’ve already attempted it; it appears that they are right about its healing power.

Lots of people have various lung illnesses or disorders among which the most typical are bronchial asthma, bronchitis, and various cough. Various kinds of infections, allergic reactions and smoking can be the reason for a particular kind of lung disease or disorder.


– 7 tbsps of natural honey

– ½ kg red/crimson onions

– 2 lemon

– ½ kg sugar

– One and half liters water


Pre-heat the sugar inside a metal container in a moderate temperature, stirring it constantly until it reddens. Next, include onions, formerly sliced in small pieces, fry them shortly and add some water. Boil the mix in a moderate temperature until 1/3 of the water disappears. Allow it to cool down for a while, after which add some honey and also the juice, which you’ve formerly squashed from the 2 lemons, and stir everything well. Finally, allow stay overnight after which squeeze the liquid and pour it right into a glass bottle.

How you can consume it:

How you can consume it: You need to consume 1 tablespoon from it before every meal before you consume all the remedy. Repeat the process until your lung area gets well.

It’s suggested that youngsters should consume 1 teaspoon from the remedy before every meal.