There tends to be a furious reaction whenever the consumption of apple seeds,  apricot seeds, or bitter almonds or cherry pits  are mentioned.. Because of the presence of cyanide. So their reaction is justifiable right?

Based on rumors and ignorance, we can understand their concern. But simply Google cyanide about the above specified foods and you will find many articles supporting the cyanide risks that occur from the above mentioned foods.

A few are of the opinion  that the body instantly detoxes the cyanide containing compound. Others tend to believe that when the body digests them, it gets  free cyanide. Most of them agree that a considerable measure of seeds, bitter almonds or pits could harm you.

We have heard the expression that says that a little learning is a dangerous thing. Similarly, here the incomplete information is the cause of the fear associated with these specific foods. Amygdalin is the compound that contains cyanide.

The full information on the entire Amygdalin story

Thousands have eliminated cancer by using apricot seed parts which didn’t result in their death due to poisoning by cyanide. They have been cured without any negative effects.  And this was not just by taking a couple each week, but rather handful quantity every day for quite a long time.

So why were they not harmed? The compound amygdalin consists four particles. Two molecules are glucose. The two others are benzaldyhide and cyanide The last 2  are scary compounds, with the exception of a few bizarre metabolic movements and are usually discharged to form cancer cells. So they reside inside  the compound amygdalin and passed through. It’s an exceptionally clever course of action. These cancer cells rely upon fermented sugar or glucose for the  nourishment rather than oxygen.

Amygdalin compounds consists of glucose normally attracted by cancer cells, but thereafter become whacked after they process those components which frees the  cyanide and benzalldyhide The glucose being the sugar decoy. Cancer cells have  a chemical that does not exist in healthy ones and is known as beta glucosidase.

This beta glucosidase chemical “opens” the compound amygdalin, discharging the lethal poisons inside a cancer cell. Amygdalin is only digested by cancer cells. Not by the healthy cells. The maority of  non-cancerous cells have another chemical, rhodanese. The free cyanide particles are attached to sulfur compounds by rudeness, which creates a risk-free saints which are disposed of in urine.

This is a little information which those “alarming” articles refer to whenever they say your body detoxifies just a little cyanide. Be that as it may, amygdalin’s entire capacity becomes concealed just because of the way  B17 or laetrile which is  extracted from  the compound apricot amydgalins cures tumor is unthinkable.

Supressing a protected tumor cure

B17 or Laetrile, was produced by a San Francisco scientist known as Ernst Krebb in the year 1952 by purifying and liquefying amygdalin extracted from apricot seeds to be infused into patients with cancer. Dr. Krebb infused himself to guarantee laetrile’s security, and  John Richardson also proved its adequacy by using it to cure a few cancer patients with laetrile, in San Francisco.

In the year 1971, laetrile became restricted. Doctor Richardson approached a journalist named Edward Griffin in helping to broadcast the benefits of B17 or laetrile, extracted from the seeds of apricots. Griffin came to realize that the  laetrile trials by the Sloane-Kettering Institute, prompting the FDA restriction was shady.

Sloane-Kettering representative, DoctorRalph Moss declined to falsify the report on laetrile and disgusted, he resigned from Sloane-Kettering. He gave Griffin papers that were not publicized which demonstrated laetrile really worked. This prompted Griffin’s book called  A World Without Cancer, in which you could read in detail  about the cancer curing amygdalin report.

If not utilized as a cure for cancer,  seeds of apricots aren’t prohibited. Don’t consume sugar while endeavoring to cure the cancer by any means involved.

Source: Living Traditionally