The common proverb is that ‘An apple consumed a day, can help the doctor to be kept away’. This is indeed very much true, since apples are considered to be a wonderful fruit that should be consumed regularly, by people of every age and gender.

Understanding the benefits

Firstly, apple is regarded to be an excellent constipation reliever. This is because, it is said to contain fiber, which when consumed can make the body to eliminate unwanted wastes out of the colon. A medium apple contains fiber of about four grams, including pectin that is quite effective towards stimulating the bowel movements and softening the stools. But if apples are to be used for curing constipation problems, then they are better consumed on empty stomach. The reason is that its nutrients are better absorbed when the person is on empty stomach. At least two apples are to be eaten every morning to have the body detoxified.

According to studies, Vitamin C is present in applies, but only in small amounts. However, there are present lots of antioxidants in them that they can help safeguard the body from damages caused to the body and free radicals.

Consuming apples can help lower down the level of cholesterol in the body. Experts’ state that eating just two applies regularly can show a reduction of about 10% in cholesterol level.


If the person assumes that consuming apple everyday can be troublesome and boring, then apple cider vinegar can easily replace them, since they can provide similar benefits and it can be found to be convenient. Apple cider vinegar of about 2 – 3 teaspoons are to be added to purified water and consumed every morning after waking up. It helps in faster digestion.

Taking caution

Although apples are termed to be wonderful fruits, they are to be eaten with caution. One should not consume apple seeds, since they can prove to be toxic and may cause the person to suffer from diarrhea.

Moreover, one should avoid buying apples, which are not kept in the cold, since it may over-ripe in few days. It is better to have the apples kept in the refrigerator to ensure that they remain fresh and do not decay.

Consuming apple cider vinegar or apples is to be made a regular habit and to enjoy the benefits that it comes with. One can also gain plenty of energy by consuming apples and it has proved to be beneficial for people of all ages.