Now a days, we are eating food that is wrapped in aluminium foil and use it to wrap our food before we eat it. But, most of the people do not know the fact that the food wrapped and baked in aluminium foil is very dangerous.

The major reason is aluminium is a poisonous substance and can cause serious health damage to people. If you are trying or cooking food with this method, stop the procedure instantly.

Aluminium poisoning

Exposing to aluminium can destroy your organism with toxins. As our body has a system for detoxification, you will get rid of the toxins by itself, but in some cases even the healthiest people will fail to do that. The aluminium accumulates in our body and it can lead to aluminium poisoning.

Symptoms of aluminium poisoning include muscle weakness, bone pain, confusion and seizures. This problem in children reduces their developmental activities and growth.

Other problems include: brain diseases, damages to the nervous system, anaemia, problems with the respiratory system etc. A study says that embryos that are affected with aluminium defects can cause abnormalities.

Where can you find aluminium?

Aluminium can be found in the crust of the earth. Usually, it is not needed in our daily life. It is found in other medicines and foods that we use on a daily basis.

If we take a lot of any vitamin or prescription drug the risk of aluminium poisoning will increase. We can find it in many meals, foods that we eat every day.

If you fold or prepare meals in aluminium foil, stop this process immediately. If you do so, you are the only one to poison your body and food as well.

However, people who are exposed to aluminium have problem with aluminium poisoning.

How to stop aluminium poisoning?

Even though our body is capable to handle the small quantity of metal, avoiding it is the best suggestion. If you are using aluminium plates, dishes or pots replace them with cookware that is made of cast iron and use food that does not contain aluminium.

The best advice is to ignore using of aluminium foil for wrapping your food. Avoid packed and processed foods because many hotels use it as a food preservative.

Tip: Eat fresh and healthy ingredients as they provide good health for you!

Source: Healthy Definition