It is somewhat odd that we speak of fruits and vegetables that are dangerous to mix. The reason is because fruits and vegetables are stereotyped as “all healthy foods”. Apparently, fruits and vegetables are items that you should constantly mix and consume.

The aim of this article is to destroy that negative stereotype. Thus, we’re going to show you below some of the fruits to avoid mixing together for minimum damage.

(1) Bananas and Pudding.

Bananas are high sugar content fruits that will cause a brain slowdown due to sugar crashes. It is even worse when you mix it with pudding, which makes digestion slow and causes even higher spikes in blood sugar.

(2) Milk and Pineapple.

Pineapple contains bromelain, which has negative side effects when mixed for milk. It is especially dangerous for babies, where it may cause nausea, diarrhea, and stomach pains.

(3) Lemon and Papayas.

The blend can cause anemic problems, as it seriously impacts hemoglobin levels.

(4) Guavas and Bananas.

Gassing and acidic stomachs are while you will get from this mix.

(5) Oranges and Milk.

This is problematic, especially since it disallows you from properly processing either. Milk and orange are difficult to digest at the same time, especially if you’re combining both for breakfast (orange juice with cereal milk). Additionally, consuming both with starches will make starch digestion ineffective.

(6) Oranges and Carrots.

This is quite popularly seen in many juice cartons sold to the public. Regardless, mixing both has negative side effects on your digestive system, including heartburns. The acidity of the drinks can also cause bile refluxes. Also, there have been reports of fatal kidney damages as a result of consuming both.

(7) Fruits and Vegetables.

Never mix both together. This will lead to digestion problems, as it stays in your stomach to ferment, releasing toxins in the process. This unfortunately means that those fruit and vegetable salads you used to make must be avoided.