The sleeping position is extremely significant for the wellbeing, this may sound unusual yet the positioning specifically impacts back and neck, if not placed correct it may trigger stomach problems, even untimely facial lines.

Get the hang of the ideal sleeping pose and prevent all those who lead to damaging effects of the body.


It is so-called neutral position, it fuels the back, the neck and spine. Then again, it decreases acid reflux by maintaining your head raised over your belly. It actually reduce wrinkles, the primary cause for that being, the fact nothing is getting in touch with you face. The bad thing concerning this pose is apnea. So to reduce apnea you need to find yourself the ideal pillow, ensure it’s a fluffy one, by doing this your head and neck will be reinforced, without leaning your head up a lot.


This pose may bring a damaging effect on the face and chests. The result is mushing of your face from one part, and notable drooping of your breasts. For this pose it’s extremely essential to get the proper pillow for yourself, a thicker one so it will fill the clear space over your shoulder. By doing this your head will stay in a normal placement. This pose, has a great influence for anyone who have apnea issues, by elongating your spine the apnea is considerably decreased. Additionally this pose offers some additional helpful results for example decreases acid reflux, by preserving your head raised above your belly and helpful throughout pregnancy.

Essential Note for anyone who sleeps on side, ensure you’re on the left side because by doing this we help the intestinal system to process food simpler while we sleep.


This pose is really bad, especially if we curve the back a lot. This pose is leading to arthritic pain since the knees are not in a normal position for the entire evening and that is a really long period of time.


This pose specifically effects the neutral spine placement, which in such cases is extremely difficult to sustain. Furthermore, it puts tension on the joints and muscle groups which can upset nerves and lead to soreness and tingling.

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