Baking soda is an ingredient which is commonly found in most of the houses as an all purpose cleaning powder, for baking purposes as well as for scraping.  But we do not know how to utilize it for all purpose. Though we can get baking soda at a very cheap price from anywhere in the market but can put to use to treat health related problems.

One of the greatest things about baking soda is that we can be put to use in variety of ways to reduce pain, reduce the symptoms of pain as well as reduce the chances of any threats to our healthy life.  So, now we need to know how baking soda works on our body and have a good impact on our health.

Arm & Hammer was the first to write the use of baking soda medicinally to treat as well as prevent cold and flu. While testing they found out that those who had consumed baking soda by mixing it in water were able to tackle and prevent cold and flu. Moreover, when others who had already caught cold and flu were asked to consume the drink and wait for the results. The results were positive and the symptoms of cold and flu were slowing down.

Baking soda can also be used to cure ulcer pain; Baking soda can also help you out to neutralize the PH systems. Taking baking soda orally will not only let you reduce ulcers but also let you live life freely without any further health issues.

Baking soda though more alkaline than our blood which not only helps to deliver oxygen to our entire body but also bring the pH level up if it is too acidic or too lower. Therefore, it is understood that lack of oxygen and other related issues can be treated through baking soda. Thus, each cell of human body would be able to consume oxygen to the extent possible to overcome the acidic effects of the environment around us.

Many people have recommended to use baking soda for treating arthritis, diabetes as well as all skin related diseases too. Baking soda is commonly used to treat sunburns, acne foot bath and etc. It helps to cure these diseases at the earliest. Thus, one may use it to cure skin diseases only with a pinch of baking soda in their bath tub.

Baking soda helps our body to access more oxygen and treat each cell properly without any use of antibiotics or other chemicals. But it is not right to consume baking soda drink everyday because it may weaken your gut as well as digestive system if more alkaline water gets into your body. It is not worth if you do not give your body some acids but only alkali.

Here comes the pink Himalayan salt, an ingredient which consists of almost 84 minerals and rich in electrolytes. Well, electrolytes can be helpful in keeping your cells, tissues, nervous system as well as your entire body healthy in all respect. Thus, you must mix baking soda and Himalayan salt to create a mixture of mineral rich drink to oxidize your body. It will help you healthy and hydrated all the day long. This drink can also balance and oxygenate the kidneys and most importantly our lungs with infusion of oxygen and other 84 minerals. This will also balance your PH level and help you in staying healthy. A balance pH level, healthy lungs and more oxygen will have greater impact on your body.

We all are aware that a healthy human blood has a pH in the range of 7.35 to 7.45. Thus, in order to enhance the health of blood we need to consume and ingest such elements that are necessary to balance the ideal pH level too. No matter what we take in, it is necessary to bring back our pH level in the range of 7.35 -7.45.

Coming down to the recipe of the mixture, i.e. baking soda and Himalayan salt drink, we must get ready to prepare it first:

Firstly, take 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda and 1/2 teaspoon of Himalayan salt in a half glass of water, i.e. 3-4 ounces of water. Well, now mix it and drink it once every morning and evening. Isn’t it so simple to maintain your health everyday with minerals and oxygen?

There are people as well as many companies who say that the baking soda which we get most conventionally in the market contains high quantity of aluminium in it. Well, if you try to search you will be able to get toxic free baking soda too which you can ingest in your body.

It has been researched that pH of baking soda in water is pointed to 8.2, which is slightly alkaline, and the pH of the Himalayan pink salt in water is somewhat around 6.50 depending upon the source of water, and if these two ingredients are put together you may have something healthy as a magical drink. You will get a mineral as well as an electrolyte rich drink to hydrate yourself throughout the day. Apart from trying to oxidize your body with antibiotics and other drugs , you may look out for this magical baking soda and Himalayan salt mixture to maintain your pH level too around the perfect range of 7.35- 7.45 without any side effects.

The next thing to look at is mixing these ingredients in Purified water because readily available tap water is next to dead water. It is not only sanitized but also toxic. There are chlorine, heavy metals, and fluoride traces of drugs (pharmaceutical) and also many other compounds are present in our regular tap water. Therefore you cannot regard it is healthy water to drink. This requires to be filtered and go under purification to make a healthy drink. This drink mixture above can also be used for treating heartburn, to balance pH level of the blood and body, to provide oxygen in the body. Moreover it will also boost our immune system too to fight against cold and flu and many other infectious diseases. Patients of diabetes and those who have stomach ulcers can take a look on this recipe to oxygenate their body in well and good condition and for best results when mixed in purified water.

Apart from this oxygen, mineral and electrolyte does a great job to help fight Candida, fungus infections as well as keep our cells and blood purified and healthy. You must try to drink this healthy mixture twice daily and see the change in you within few days.

Source: Healthy Wild & Free