Do you know that your tongue is capable of telling a great many things about your health? A lot of knowledge about our tongue came first from China. Chinese medicine that spans thousands of years of studies has some crucial information about our tongue. According to Chinese researchers, it is possible to tell tongue health using three important factors – color, texture and shape.


The tongue’s texture stands for the digestive system’s functions. If your digestive system if functioning well in digesting food and is healthy, there’s a thin white coating on your tongue’s surface. But if the coating is thick, it means that there’s imbalance which is affecting your physiology. It indicates there’s a chance of injury or illness. Besides, thick white coating could also be a sign of some infection or that some part of your digestive system is not working properly.

If there’s yellow coating, it is a sign that you may have fever or the body temperature is high. It is also considered to be a sign of inflammation or bacterial infection.

If you have peeled tongue, it likely indicates that your body is almost fatigued and that you are out of energy. It can also be a sign of autoimmune diseases and allergy.

Tongue Color

According to the Chinese, there’s a strong relation between the tongue and the heart. They believe that the tongue’s color represents our blood’s health.

Pale pink is considered as the color for a healthy tongue. If you have pale tongue, it is sign of the initial stage of certain digestive organ problems, or if you are tired and feeling cold.

If you have dry tongue, it could be beginning of anemia. It may also cause problems associated with insomnia, memory loss, and cracked lips. If you notice the tongue to be bright red in color, it is a sign of infection.

If you are suffering from inflammation, it is only your tip’s tongue that gets red. This redness will then move along the entire tongue. If you notice that the sides of your tongue have become red, it means that you must stop taking alcohol, spices and fatty foods.

If there is vitamin B2 deficiency, your tongue will have a purple color. Difficult menstrual cycle in woman can also cause this.

It is very rare that someone has black tongue, and it represents illness. In most of the cases it is a defect from birth and is something permanent.

If you have blue tongue, it means you have cyanosis or shortage of oxygen. It occurs due to some problem in the blood or even because of heart failure.

It is quite rare to have yellow tongue, and it is mostly associated with jaundice.

Recommendation: Make sure to always maintain your tongue’s proper hygiene. It will be best to have your tongue cleaning routine in the morning when you are on an empty stomach. Follow on this routine just the way you brush your teeth every day.

All it requires is scraping your tongue’s complete surface.

Source: Healthy Magazine 365