While buying fruit out of market stalls, take a hard look at the fruit labels, instead of looking at whether the fruit is fresh and ripe.

We live surrounded by various poisons, which has even the food. So, try everything in your power to avoid them.

When buying imported fruits, look at the numbers on the label; If the label has four digits that begin with numbers 3 or 4, it means that the fruit has been produced with an intensive agriculture from the second half of the twentieth century, i.e. artificial fertilizers have probably been used. Furthermore, if the product has 5 digits, beginning with number 9, it means that the product has been grown in a traditional way, as it has been done in the agriculture for a thousand of years i.e. it is organically grown, free from pesticides and manure. Moreover, this is the best option for you. Additionally, if the product has 5 digits, whose first number is 8, and then the product has been genetically modified and you need to avoid such ingredients, says Health Tips Source.