Most women feel embarrassed because of their thighs. The abdomen and the thighs are the most difficult parts of our body to burn fat from.

But these simple methods, which you never knew about, can help you get rid of your stubborn thigh fats:

These methods will help you burn 1 inch of fat from your thighs in 2 weeks. Imagine how much fats you can lose in 1 month. It is designed for anyone who wants to slim down and eliminate their nasty thigh fat!

  1. Start by Measuring your Thighs

How can you know how much fat is lost if you don’t measure your thighs? So start with a measurement. It will also help you feel motivated. You may use a measuring tape or string for the purpose. You may also measure other body parts to see if this method will help there as well.

Make sure to note down the measurements in a diary. Noting down the progress will further help inspire you. Measure your thighs once a week and note down the results.

  1. Start with Massage

Massage your legs using a natural bristle brush (massage brush). The massage should focus on the thighs. It will also help if you brush your hips. When your skin is massaged with this brush, it will help in reducing cellulite and improving blood flow in the legs.

  1. Reduce your Calorie Intake

You should reduce your calorie intake. Keep track over the number of calories you take every day. Reduce it by 1,500 calories from what you have been eating now. This doesn’t mean you have to make big changes in your diet. It is most important to remove sugar-based snacks and soda pop. You should replace it with fresh foods.

If you are busy consuming snacks in between meals rather than taking 3 large meals, you should break your meals into 5-6 smaller meals. This is going to reduce your cravings for snacks. It will also help in keeping to your diet plan.

  1. Exercise

It is also important to increase your physical activity to burn fats in your thighs. But this doesn’t mean you have to engage in exhausting exercises. You should exercise just around 20 minutes per day.

The goal is to boost your blood flow, improve cardiovascular health, and enable natural weight loss. Do exercises that help target your leg muscles. These can include walking, cycling and other workouts like leg raises, squats, and lunges.

Make sure to follow these basic steps. They will help in burning 1 inch of thigh fats within 2 weeks. The key is to keep measuring your thighs once a week and keep control over all the junk food you are eating. It is important to maintain a positive attitude.

Make sure that you don’t take any sugary foods. The focus should be on fresh foods, daily leg exercises and massages. These simple steps will help you get slim thighs within a few weeks.

Original Source: The Science of Eating