Everyone seems to have their own preferences when it comes to favorite foods. It is their personal taste that leads them to different types of foods from everyone else. Just because you are already in love with the taste of some food, it does not mean that you can take it for granted. For the sake of your health, it is very important that you check on the nutritional value and the ingredients of the foods you eat the most. Not only that you have to pay more attention on the nutritional values of your most favorite fast-processed foods like burgers and french fries, you also have to be very cautious on the fresh vegetables and fruits you consume. Those foods might just contain disgusting ingredients that will never cross your mind and they may bring bad effects to your metabolism and the rest of your body.


Let us take a cup of vanilla ice cream for example. This very popular food can be very tempting for its taste and compelling appearance. Little that you know that this mouth-watering delicacy has some ingredients derived from an animal known as castoreum. It is a common flavoring agent used in vanilla ice cream and a natural flavor enhancer in many other products. You will be surprised to know the origin of this flavoring agent. The castor sacs located near the anal glands of beaver is where this yellowish secretion obtained. Not only that it is found in vanilla ice cream, it is also a common ingredient of hard candy and some drinks with fruit flavors. If you happen to be a huge fan of vanilla ice cream, there is no need to worry since some ice cream companies replace castoreum with vanilla extract.


Most candies, juices, smoothies and other dairy-based beverages come with attractive colors in order to draw more people to drink them. The ones that come in red color like strawberry milk, juices or smoothies feature an animal-derived ingredient called carmine. This common ingredient is actually a red dye from cochineal. A number of meat product manufacturers are also pretty familiar with this disgusting component. They need it to make their products look more tempting.


There are many other disgusting ingredients contained in common products around yourself like lanolin, L-crysteine and ammonium sulfate. A careful approach is required to recognize all the ingredients in your favorite foods or the foods you eat frequently. Your cautious approach like reading the nutritional facts and labels of your food might keep you away from the disgusting ingredients.