Brad Pitt was talking recently about how his marriage to Angelina Jolie almost crashed and the reasons why the marriage which is the envy of millions around the world has been in trouble lately. In an amazing story that pulled at the heartstrings of millions of people, he talked about his wife’s illness and seeming nervous breakdown due to work-related issues and problems on the home front with their kids. According to Brat, apart from battling severe headaches and spine pains, Angelina cried for long periods, lost a lot of weight and became gaunt with dark patches under her eyes due to loss of sleep.

Brad explains that he was on the verge of giving up because his once ravishing and beautiful Angelina had become a shadow of herself and had stopped caring for herself. He was at a point where he had lost all hope until he decided he was going to give it his best shot.

His resolve was strengthened by his conviction that he had the most attractive woman in the whole world as his wife and he didn’t want to lose her. He wanted to be the one to always hold and comfort her.

Brad started to show her more care and affection. He bought flowers, gave her lovely compliments and showered her with kisses and surprises every day. At every opportunity he got to talk about Angelina publicly, he showered praises on her and always maintained that he couldn’t live without her. This did the trick and things started turning around.

He describes how Angelina blossomed and responded by loving him even more than she used to. A level of love he never knew she could show or give.

Brad concludes by stating that he now realizes that what you see in every woman is a massive reflection of her man and the things he does to make her who she is.

Source: Family Health Freedom Network