Boosting health can sharpen your memory, prevent the occurrence of dementia related diseases as well as improve your intellectual skills. There are certain brain health strategies that you can use to improvise your brain functions.

  1. Exercising brain is important and for that you need to play brain games. The exercises include solving brain teasers, puzzles. Brush teeth, comb hair, do mind mapping are good exercises for the brain.
  2. Take low levels of alcohols as experts believe that alcohol lowers the brain volume.
  3. Try to do something new as it helps in promoting brain-health, keep it active, slows down its deterioration as you are allowing the brain to function. As an instance, taking French or Spanish lessons, learning new musical instruments, memorizing poetry are recommended to keep the brain active and sharp.
  4. Another great way to boost brain health is physical activity. It helps to promote the growth of new brain cells and reduces the risk of developing brain diseases.
  5. For a healthy brain, an individual requires plenty of sleep. It is a way of resting and energizing the brain, thereby allowing it to process information. It also helps to sleep, wake up at regular schedules.
  6. Volunteering promotes brain-health, it adds to the individual’s self esteem, communication skills, and overall health. It raises one’s self esteem.
  7. Often socializing with people is a good strategy that boosts brain-health. Talking to people increases an individual’s memory and understanding skills. Participating in intellectual activity has also helpful also boosted brain-health.
  8. Developing a hobby, taking Yoga or aerobic classes makes the mind and the body healthy.
  9. The health conscious individuals need to eat food that helps to enhance brain-health. The nutritious food promotes the overall health of the body. There are specific foods that are very much healthier for the brain and that include cabbage, tomatoes, egg yolks, ginger.
  10. There are certain foods that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and these aids in the proper functioning of the brain. There are other food items like beans, berries, fish, avocados that provide nutrients to the brain. Fish oil supplements are very much recommended by physicians, nutritionists for brain health because they contain fatty acids.  

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