Mumbai: Recently, as many as 13 states of India are struggling with drought. To fight with the situation, our scientists have come up with a method to process sea water and produce about 6.3 liters of water each day. Not only this, also they have come up with some new filtration methods that can help in purification of the ground water from uranium and arsenic so that they can be processed for drinking.

The pilot plant has been made in Kalpakkam of Tamil Nadu by scientists of BARC. The plant has been made by using nuclear reactor’s waste steam in order to continue with the purification of the sea water. The plant is able to purify as much as 6.3 liters of sea water each day.

The purified water tastes exactly like fresh water and not at all saline but at present it is being used at the nuclear reactor of Kundankulam.

Also many of these plants have been lately installed at different states such as Punjab, Rajasthan and West Bengal. This was confirmed by the Director of Bhabha Atomic Research Center at Mumbai, KN Vyas. He also continued that the plant will be able to purify ground water and make it worth drinking at a very low price.

Narendra Modi, recently had a visit to BARC and pedaled a bicycle that actually had a purifier installed to it. The pedal produces energy that is needed in the purifier to clean the dirt water and make portable.

The nuclear scientist also has come up with household purifiers and has been also advertised at places like Marathwada. These purifiers have thin membranes along with special filters that can filter the contaminants of the water well.

Source: NDTV