Children often get hurt while playing. But it is quite rare that toys may cause damage to children. Toys have to meet several standards and prove that they are safe for children. But here is an unfortunate case where a toy has caused loss of sight to a young boy. The worst part is that this gadget, mostly used as a toy, could very much be in your home as well.

An Australian teenager has lost Seventy Five percent of his vision because of playing with this laser pointer. Doctors are warning that the laser pointers are extremely dangerous and shouldn’t be pointed at the eyes.

Dr. Ben Armitage, who treated the boy, stated that he was playing with the laser and pointing it directly at his eyes. Although he was pointing it for a short period of time, the laser was able to burn through the pupil and was able to cause considerable damage to the eye. The doctor also went on the state that the boy did not feel pain, but seventy five percent of vision has deteriorated, irreversibly.

Unfortunately this condition cannot be treated by using corrective glasses.

Laser pointers with light intensity of 5mW and above can cause considerable damage to the eyes according to the Study for Radiological Health of the US FDA. Pointers having intensity between 3 – 5mW did not cause damage however.

Source: Cuisine And Health