A scientist named Rudolf Brojs from Austria had dedicated his life to find the best natural cure for cancer. He discovered a juice for the treatment of cancer that gives the best results.

He has cured more than 45,000 people, who are suffering from cancer, with the help of this method. Brojs said that the people could survive only with the help of proteins and natural methods.

For this, he had find out a special eating program for a period of 42 years. You should drink only tea and special vegetable juice, made of beetroot.

During these 42 days, the cancer cells starve and die, while the health of the entire body improves.

Ecologically grown vegetables were used for Rudolf’s juice. This juice can be made at home from homegrown vegetables, and it contains:

  • Beetroot (55%),
  • Carrots (20%),
  • Celery root (20%),
  • Potatoes (3%)
  • Radishes (2%).

Preparation of the juice:

Mix all the ingredients in a mixer and that’s all. You juice is ready.


Remember that you should take more quantity of juice. You should take as much as your organism needs.

About Beetroot:

Beetroot is a traditional and well-known cure for leukemia. It contains amino acid betaine, which have anti-cancer properties. Taking beetroot juice daily can give positive effect of leukaemia and many other types of cancer.

Consuming beetroot juice helps to reduce oxidative stress, and beetroot’s fibre can lower blood cholesterol levels by up to 40%.

Beetroot is also great for normalizing the blood pressure and helping to maintain the elasticity of blood vessels. It also helps to prevent and treat varicose veins.

The iron from beetroot is a powerful tool for cleansing the body of toxins and blood building. Therefore, beetroot is very efficient in the treatment of many diseases caused by toxins.

Pregnant women can be benefited from beetroot, as it is rich in folic acid, which prevents many diseases of newborns. In addition, beetroot juice stimulates the liver and gall bladder, and prevents constipation.

Beetroot along with carrot is an outstanding remedy for kidney, gout and gallbladder. It also helps to reduce toothaches, headaches, pain, and dysentery, pain in the bones, with skin and menstrual problems.

Final note:

Beetroot helps to reduce health problems and works a natural home remedy!

Source: Keep Your Body