“Laboratory studies and animal studies have shown that cannabinoids can kill cancer cells while preserving normal cells,” according to the revelation.

The dilemma of whether marijuana is helpful in the treatment of cancer or not is finally resolved. The US National Cancer Institute (NCI), the central agency of the US government for Cancer Research, on its website admitted that marijuana kills tumor cells!

It’s an information which is available to everyone on the NCI-website, the board’s questions and answers on cannabis and cannabinoids. NCI writes that studies conducted in mice and rats have shown that cannabis – or its active ingredient THC and CBD – really kill the cancer cells.

  • Cannabis Cures Cancer

“Studies in mice and rats have shown that cannabinoids may limit the cancer tumor causing the death of cancer cells, blocking their growth, as well as blocking the development of blood cells that are necessary for the tumor to grow. Laboratory studies and animal studies have shown that cannabinoids can kill cells cancer while preserving normal cells, “according to the publication on the site NCI-i.

“Laboratory studies showed that delta-9-THC kills or impairs cells of liver cancer. The same study in mice showed that there is anti-tumor activity. Delta-9-THC causes this effect by acting on molecules that can also be found in cancer cells lung and breast cancer, “says the website of the US government agency.

In the same place can be ascertained and that studies in mice have shown that cannabinoids can reduce the risk of colon cancer, and possibly be used in the treatment of this disease. Also, studies on breast cancer cells, according to the NCI, “that CBD causes the death of cancer cells while almost no effect on normal cells in the breast.” Studies in mice infected with human breast cancer cells have shown that CBD may reduce the growth, spread and the number of tumor cells.

  • It makes chemotherapy more efficient, awakens the appetite and reduces pain

In addition, the NCI says on its website and that laboratory studies have shown that CBD, if consumed simultaneously with chemotherapy, can make chemotherapy more effective, and to increase the mortality rate of cancer cells without affecting normal cells. Studies in mice have shown that CBD together with delta-9-THC makes chemotherapy more effective.

Image Source: telegraph.co.uk