In a shocking revelation, the Center for Disease and Prevention stated that Chinese hair bands sold at the American market may lead to sexually transmitted diseases or STDs. In order to make people aware of their health safety, the CDC stated that used condoms are recycled in China to make hair bands, which when used can cause several diseases. It also stated that the Chinese hair bands are not just used in salons but also are sold in the market in large scale.

According to the reports, women using these hair bands have the risk of getting STDs, AIDS or genital warts. As these are available in attractive designs and at a cheaper price, many are using these nowadays. In a statement regarding the health risks from this hair bands, CDC stated, “ The CDC is sure that these hair ties and rubber bands which are made out of unsanitary condoms, has 4 times bigger amount of bacteria on it than those bacteria found in the public restroom toilet. The AIDS virus, warts, herpes and other STD venereal diseases are easy to get when the rubber band or hair ties end up in the mouth while setting their hair.”

A woman using the recycled condom hair band in Los Angeles was shocked to hear about the manufacturing truths. In order to verify the truth, she carefully cut the edges of the band with a scissor and found it to be a used condom. She wanted to spread the awareness to more people so that they do not make the same mistake. Therefore, whenever you are buying anything, be careful to check it well. Give special care to Chinese products as these might not be quite safe for health. Do not just go for the cheap products without learning about the reason of an incredibly low price.

Source: Weekly Healthy Life