For cleanin your body of toxins, increasing the elasticity of blood vessels and their cleaning is recommended regular cleaning that can be performed in several ways, and this is one of the simplest.


It is important to know that cleaning the blood vessels with medicines causes a lot of contraindications.

Their application is the last step, when other resources do not help.

Therefore, cleaning the blood vessels of the deposits of bad cholesterol with the help of national funds is safer and harmless, but also requires careful and proper relationship with them, not to harm health.

Garlic and lemon are very effective in cleaning the blood vessels, reducing the levels of bad cholesterol and reducing the risk of dangerous diseases such as atherosclerosis.

Tincture with lemon and garlic is used in Tibetan and Russian folk medicine for centuries.

To prepare this drink is needed:

4 heads of garlic
4 medium lemon with rind
about 3 liters of boiled water


Garlic divide into lobes and clean them. Pour Lemons with boiling water, cut into slices.
Mix all. -Ground mixture put in a clean glass jar of 3 liters and pour warm boiled water, until the end of the jar. Cover and leave in the fridge for 3 days. Thereafter, drain and refrigerate.


The maximum dose is 50 ml of a beverage by 3 times a day, before meals. However, cleaning the blood vessels should begin with smaller doses (1-2 tablespoons). If there is no discomfort, slowly increase the dose to the necessary.

Treatment duration is 40 days. Cleaning the blood vessels in this way is recommended once a year, after consultation with your doctor.

After consuming the drink, improves blood circulation and its lipid composition, normalizes blood pressure, improves cerebral circulation and easier to lose excess weight.