Parasites are harmful and they are micro-organisms that survive by feeding off its host. They can be present on any living organisms. This is no different for humans who are also susceptible to parasite attacks. They have several forms and can survive in many parts of our body. The most susceptible area is the intestines, where they reside and look to feed on sugar and compounds that are converted into sugar. So this is one of those reasons that you may be craving for sugar.

So how do we get rid of the parasites that are residing in our intestines? For starters, you can aim to cut down your sugar consumption, as it is the key food that the parasites feed on. The sugar also generates an environment that promotes and retains excess mucus. This environment is perfect for the parasites to grown on and multiply.

A simple homemade recipe can be consumed, which will also help in the removal of the parasites from our body.

The ingredients for this recipe are:

  • Dried cloves – 10 grams
  • Linseed – 100 grams

How to make this recipe?

  • Add the dried cloves and the linseeds and mix them.
  • Now grind the mixture until they become a powder

How to use the powder?

The powder is to be consumed for three days straight early in the morning in an empty stomach. The recommended dosage is two tablespoons. The powder can be mixed with milk or even added to your breakfast cereals. After three days, stop eating the powder for another three days and then resume consumption of the powder. Follow this procedure for a month and you will clean your body of all parasites.

Source: Losing Weight Done