Cigarette packets always warn people about the dangerous impacts of smoking. People are aware of this in the most possible way, but still smokers addicted to smoking are not able to quit the habit so easily. The harmful impacts are caused due to the deposits of tar and nicotine in your lungs, so if you can cleanse your lungs, you can be safe from the problem. There are some natural ways possible that can do so now.


Onions are very much affective for people who are in the initial stage of cancer. It helps in preventing the carcinogenic cells to grow. Apart from this it also protects you from a number of lung diseases and problems.


Nettle is a good source for iron and also acts as a disinfectant. So, it prevents you from various types of infections.


Oranges are known to have kryptoxanthin that prevents the cancer cells to grow in lungs.

Pine needle tea

It is said that tea always helps in treating any kind of respiratory problems. The same thing is for the Pine needle tea to. Rinsing the throat with the Pine needle tea can protect you from lung cancer.

Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts contain an antioxidant named selenium that is known in preventing lung cancer.


Organic corn is rich source of an antioxidant, beta-kryptoxanthin that is known to prevent lung cancer.


Ginger is helpful in cleansing the toxins from the lungs. The ginger root can be either mixed in tea or can be used as spice in food.

Source: Dr Green Body