Can you confidently say that you are truly healthy? Do you think you’ve reached the best point of your well-being? To be holistically healthy, we all know that it is a must to be clean physically not just from the outside, but most especially from the inside. Do you know the best way to cleanse yourself and become exceptionally healthy? Start cleansing your gut with some fiber!


What’s The Deal With Our Gut?

The digestive system of a human person is very important. This is where nutrients gleaned from the foods we eat are absorbed into the body. Your gut is where the fuel for our body is processed and delivered into different body cells. If you have an unhealthy digestive system, it may not function properly, unable to breakdown the nutrients from food and unable to successfully deliver it to our different body parts. With an unhealthy gut comes the risk of being unhealthy in the entire body, too. That’s how important the gut is, and now you see why the health of your gut must never be underestimated!

Here Comes The Fiber!

Don’t worry, fiber is here to help you cleanse your colon! It’s commonly heard in many health conversations- fiber is very essential to a well-rounded diet. No doubt about it, because consuming foods that are rich in fiber helps clear your stomach and gut from wastes and toxins, enabling it to function at its optimal best. Dietary fiber are actually non-digestible plant carbohydrates such as resistant starches, pectin and fibers contained in oats and bran. They’re not digestible- pretty much what you eat comes out the same, too. Fiber acts as tiny brooms that enter your colon and sweep away wastes as they travel through your gut. The result- wastes are eliminated in the body via the stool, and you’re left with a cleaner and clearer digestive tract that’s able to absorb more important nutrients for your body!

The Perks of Eating Some Fiber

Increasing your fiber intake has a host of added benefits for your body. Not only does it keep your colon clean by making your bowel movements more regular, it also aids in controlling weight, reduces the risk for heart diseases, controls your blood glucose levels, lowers the incidence of hemorrhoids, constipation, and inflammation of the polyps of the intestine (diverticulitis), and greatly reduces the risks of acquiring gallstones and kidney stones. Now, that’s fiber-rific, isn’t it?

Help Yourself To Some Fiber!

Most fruits and veggies contain natural fiber that’s great for your gut health. Get your daily fiber fix from these delicious whole foods: stock up on corn, beans, avocado, brown rice, nuts, cucumbers, berries, root vegetables (such as sweet potatoes) and chia seeds, to name some. Load up on these healthy stuff- don’t worry, it’s not a source of extra calories! Don’t forget to increase your fluid intake, too- studies have shown that fiber intake combined with fluids to flush it out of the body increases fiber’s benefits. Be wary though- if you don’t properly hydrate while on a high-fiber diet, you’re giving your gut a harder time- which may lead to more constipation and other problems. Moderation in everything is key!

Now we know the great benefits fiber has to offer us- it’s time to let it have some space on our diets now!