Your body has a lot of toxicity stored inside that is affecting your health negatively. A lot of this toxicity is stored in your colon, where it harmfully prevents your colon from operating properly. It also has a negative impact on bacteria in your gut, which makes weight loss a chore.

Thus, we’re going to be presenting in this article a few remedies that you can use to clean your colon from all the gunk. You’re going to need to:

#1 – Drink Lots of Water.

This is an important tip, especially since 2/3 of your body is made up of it. Lack of water leads to dehydration and a drying up of the intestines, which causes blockage, and even more, it prevents food from passing through your colons properly. You may end up with digestion issues if you do not drink enough. They’ll show up mostly as constipation problems.

You should drink a minimum of 2 liters a day, or 3 if you live in a hot environment. This will make pushing out waste from your system a much easier process.

#2 – Use Prune Juice for Cleansing.

Prune juice is excellent for clearing blockages in the colon. You will want to consume at least 16 ounces a day of the juice (8 before breakfast – 8 before dinner).

You’ll find that your bowel movements will be more frequent when you use the juice. Use it long enough, and you may not need to depend on the drink anymore. Thus, you may consider it to be a temporary remedy.

#3 – Eat a Ton of Fiber.

While Prunes are an excellent sources for fiber, there are other sources you should try out. Those include berries, coconuts, avocados, okra, figs, and Brussels sprouts.

There are people who are 19-50 years of age who should be receiving at least 25 grams a day for proper bowel motion. You may want to keep that regular number of consumption, especially if your diet lacks in fibers.

#4 – Lemon Juice.

Lemon juice is a perfect drink to help increase your metabolic rate. This enables you to process food faster, and also aids in faster expulsion of the food.

#5 – Use More Probiotics.

Those would be healthy bacteria, similar to the ones found in your body. They aid in the regulation of the bad variant of bacteria, which reduces colon and gut blockages. Usually, your body should contain an abundance of bacteria to aid you with digestion, but sometimes, counts are reduced as a result of medications (specifically antibiotics).

There are foods which will regulate your body’s probiotic levels. Those include kefir, yogurt, sauerkrauts, pickles, and dark chocolate.

#6 – Use Flaxseed Regularly.

You can use flaxseeds on a lot of foods, and are excellent for occasional snacking too.

The reasons why flaxseeds are effective, is due to the omega-3 fatty acids present inside of them, which will help in relaxing your colon. Also, flaxseeds have the highest levels of fiber in all grains, which is excellent for properly cleansing your colon.

27% of flaxseed is actually made up fibers, which are some of the highest fiber percentages you’ll see in many materials. You should consume this product on a daily basis, but beware since excess consumption may actually lead to diarrhea problems.

#7 – Cleanse with Apple Cider Vinegar.

The cider vinegar contains the necessary enzymes for the stimulation of probiotic growth. Through the acidity of apple vinegar, you may easily reduce the blockage of colon problems, which may have been going on for years.

2 tablespoons of honey should be mixed with a similar quantity of the vinegar, in addition to some warm water (8 ounces). Stir thoroughly and drink. This should be done every morning, to help fix your bowel problems.

#8 – Medicate with Ginger Tea

This remedy aids in warming up your body, which speeds your metabolic rate, and allows for easier bowel movements. It reduces the likelihood of moving through your system in a sluggish rate. It is best to be taken with warm water.

The recipe involves the following:

  • 2 teaspoons of ginger (fresh grate).
  • 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric for bloat reduction.
  • Spring water (5 cups).

Put all the ingredients together and boil them. After that, the heat should be reduced to simmer while setting aside for 10 minutes. Remove and add some raw honey for use.

Want to see just how backed up your colon can get? Have a look at the following video. Warning – it’s pretty intense.

Source: David Wolfe