If you ferment the normal coconut water, you will get coconut water kefir.  It contains high level of electrolytes, minerals and vitamins which helps the human body to be healthier. It is a rich probiotic drink which you should opt for.

Some of the really important ingredient and nutrients these foods have are: Riboflavin, beta carotene, Niacin, Thiamin, pantothenic acid, folates and vitamins B6, A, E, C and K.

It is better than normal coconut water when compared because it doesn’t contain casein and lactose. These ingredients are found in normal dairy and avoiding them is good for your health.

It is considered as one of the best probiotic drinks and you will get a lot of health advantages than regular drinks. It means easier digestion and more active diet. All the probiotic effects of kefir cleanses your internal organs from harmful toxins.

Human blood contains same electrolytes and minerals, which are found in coconut water. So obviously it is better to consume fermented coconut kefir than normal lactose filled dairies.

Coconut Water Kefir benefits:

  1. Consume Coconut water kefir and all your sugar cravings will be gone.
  2. It has good effect on your immunity system.
  3. Improves digestion.
  4. Enhances hydration of your body.
  5. It improves your metabolism.
  6. Really good for your skin.
  7. Improves vision
  8. Increased level of energy
  9. Pathogenic yeasts are destroyed from the body.
  10. Huge effect on cleaning the endocrine system.
  11. Eases PMS

Recipe to make Coconut Water Kefir

There are 3 different ways, you can prepare Coconut water kefir. All three are equivalently useful.

  1. Use existing kefir as a starter;
  2. Use kefir grains.
  3. Use a kefir starter culture.

Making water kefir with grains is the best and easiest. You will get more fermented kefir as the grains multiply in water and you will get much more nutrition from it. However, all three process requires similar ingredients.


  1. 7 cups of fresh coconut water.
  2. 5 tbsp. of Water Kefir Grains.


  1. Add all coconut water in a 2 gallon jar.
  2. Add the grains in it and wait for 48 hours. Let the grains ferment properly. Don’t wait for longer and do keep an eye on the grains. Over-fermenting can make the kefir grains explode.
  3. When the grains are fermented, they will float atop of the water. Collect them carefully and you can use them for another batch of Coconut Kefir water.
  4. Keep the fermented coconut water in a large cup, add a bit of lemon peels for flavor and enjoy drinking the most healthy probiotic drink.

Source: Super Tasty Recipes