Sometimes your immune system that is known to protect you from diseases, may attack you body tissue’s itself. This leads to inflammation in the joints and that can cause a disease Rheumatoid arthritis.

Though the disease can affect you at any age but the most common age when you can start facing such issues is during your 40s and 50s. It is said that women are more affected by arthritis than men.

Normally the most commonly affected areas are wrists, hands and feet but also there are many cases when arthritis affects other body parts too such as lungs, eyes, blood vessels and also the heart.

Comfrey can be a new remedy for the disease

Comfrey has been described by Dioscorides, the author of ‘Materia Medica’ as the greatest medicinal herbs. Since 50 AD, thus, the herb is considered to heal not only wounds but also broken bones.

The leaves or the roots can be used as an washing agent and also can be used as an ointment for cases like boils, sciatica, neuralgia, bed sores, rheumatism, ulcers, tumors, pulled tendons, insect bites and many other dermatological issues.

Even Phytotherapy Research proves that applying comfrey ointment or oil can help in curing back pain, whether it is of the joint or muscle. As per the research, the herd can cure not only pain but also inflammation in a very successful way.

The element that is responsible for such healing property of the herb is Allantoin. The leucocytosis promoter is responsible to increase the white blood cells in the body that can act as immunity against the infections.

But along with the good quality, Comfrey also contains a harmful toxic, pyrrolidizine alkaloid that is very much harmful for the liver. So, the herb is only recommended for external application and not for consumption purpose. When the ointment is applied externally, it is safe and there has been no such issues recorded till date.

Applying of the herb ointment

The poultice can be peeled backwards from one side and can be applied on the affected area. But still to be safe, it is always advised to consult a doctor or an expert regarding the application method.

Though comfrey has a number of benefits, but it is highly restricted for consumption. In case of pregnant women, it is even not safe to use externally. Also before using this herb, you should consult your doctor or a good herbalist.

Source: Life Health & Food