You can’t avoid every disease that comes your way, but you can drastically reduce your chances of getting one with your diet. Cancer is one such disease. In fact, most cancers are caused by the choices you make: drinking, an inactive lifestyle, smoking, and a poor diet.

The food you put in your body affects your health dramatically, and that includes your risk of cancer. Rather than overlook this fact, why not try to fill your plate with foods that fight-off diseases like cancer? Below is a list of the best cancer fighting foods.


Cancer has sadly become more common globally in the last few years, and it has more than a hundred different types. On average, 7.6 million people lose the battle with cancer a year. This disease interferes with the body’s normal functions, and it occurs when there’s abnormal cell growth in the body. It’s important to do your part in preventing cancer for yourself! Adding these foods into your diet will lower your risk of cancer in the long-run.