Costco will be one of the largest sellers of organic products in the US. Costco customers made a rally in Seattle to deliver more than 50, 000 signatures and they asked the company not to sell GM salmon.

They are finally taking a stand on GMO Salmon. However, the company responded and said that they do not have intention to sell genetically modified salmon. A list of retailers said that they won’t sell genetically modified salmon, despite the approval by the Federal Food and Drug Administration of the sale of such fish.

“Although the FDA has approved the sale of GM salmon, Costco has not sold and does not intend to sell GM salmon at this time,” the warehouse store chain said in a statement Friday.

The FDA finally cleared the problem of selling AquAdvantage Salmon as it grows twice as fast as normal salmon. The FDA says, “there are no biologically relevant differences in the nutritional profile of AquAdvantage Salmon compared to that of other farm-raised Atlantic salmon.”

AquAdvantage Salmon, which is engineered by the Massachusetts-based company AquaBounty said that the fish will be available on grocery stores in about two years.

Costco has recently joined retailers such as  Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Safe way and decided not to sell the genetically modified product.

Source: Healthy Holistic Living

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