For many, cotton swabs are an integral part of supplies for hygiene, but experts agree – can be extremely harmful to health.

In fact, many people used cotton swabs wrong and there is already a first step that leads to many problems. Experts point out that should be cleaned only part of the earlobe. That is, the swab should not push deep into the ear.

The wax protects the ear, and the ears clean themselves.

Earwax, ie. Cerumen, actually protects the ear, preventing the entry of dirt which could also reach the eardrum, is antibacterial and antifungal, prevents water retention in the ear. When there is created more wax, he himself is coming out, while we moving the jaw (in speech or chewing).

Cotton Swabs push earwax back into the ear and may cause a blockage of the ear canal and the weakening of the hearing. Also, the swab can damage the eardrum or cause itching because the ear cleaning always dries the skin, which then spits out and opens the way for bacteria that enter the body freely.

Then, how to clean the ears?

Instead of pushing the swabs into the ear that can cause more damage than benefits, the ears can be cleaned using a solution of vinegar, medical alcohol and plain water. You can drop some of the solution to the ear, and it can be cleaned with ordinary towel – only the outer part of the ear.

If, however, you can not give up the cotton swabs, use them as little as possible and do not push them deep into the ear.